Hair Question ~ Teasing Hair

Question by TwinkieChan:

i have a hair question. i have been in the habit of teasing my hair to get volume. i have defaulted to a comb that has little extra barbs or something in the teeth to catch hair (it also has long metal prongs on the bottom and i have no idea what those are for). then, at night , i use a regular comb (without the extra barbs) to comb out the hair spray and backcombing. i feel like the combing out is especially harsh, and could cause a lot of breakage. do you recommend other combs/brushes/tools, either for backcombing, or combing the hair out?


Yes, all that combing and faffing is very harsh for the hair, even tho our hair can handle anything really but your much better off using a brush for the back combing. Bristle brushes are best for both backcombing and for brushing out afterwards as they will not tear the hair out. There is a brush you can buy which is specifically for backbrushing. I will post a pic of it and also others that I find works well too.

Here are 3 brushes that I recommend,
1. Spornette Littlewonder backbrush.

2. Y S Park small round brush, great for back brushing and
3. for longer hair.. the Y.S Park Paddle Brush.