Hair Question:

Question by Trisha:

Hi Jules!

Since coming into the salon with my greasy product built up hair I used that Davines clarifying shampoo you recommended, as well as the Love conditioner. My hair feels light and awesome, and I feel like I’m in a hair commercial with wavy, bouncy, soft hair. :o) I know, I know, it’s the opposite of the hair you like… Now, the question is… What shampoo do you recommend for regular use? Also, how often should I use the clarifying shampoo? I’m anxiously awaiting your reply. 🙂


Answer by Jules:

If you feel like the SOLU (Davines) did the trick and that all the old product build up is out of your hair, then there’s no need to use it again, But if you feel like its still abit sticky then use it again until you feel like the hair is normal then make the switch to your regular shampoo. If you don’t have one, then I would recommend either the LOVE shampoo or the NOUNOU, both are nice. SOLU can be used in the future once a week or once every two weeks or whenever you feel like there is a build up.

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