Hair Question…

QUESTION – by Helen:

How on earth can I get some lift in my roots without having to dry it upside down? I have tried doing that and it just foes abit too wild and messy. Help?

ANSWER – by JuJu

Yes, drying your hair upside down will definitely cause the hair to become messy and also tangled, and if this isn’t the look your going for, the best way to get root lift is by lifting sections of your hair and using the hair dryer to blow underneath each section, drag and dry the roots going the opposite way to the way it normally lays, then do the same with the other side as well as with the back, where you would drag the hair up and forward. If you continue to do this method of lifting until the hair is almost dry, you wont need to use the brush to get root lift either, which can be abit messy too as the hair can tangle easy at the roots. Hope this helps.