Hair Facts…No Shampoo?

Not Shampooing Hair…..

Did you know that if you stop shampooing your hair and just either wet it or simply use conditioner, it will eventually ‘self cleanse’, the smell with go away and you will be left with non frizzy, healthy textured hair?

This works particularly well with textured hair, whether wavy or curly. Shampoo takes away natural oils and therefore leave the hair slightly frizzy. By using only conditioner or water, this helps keep the hair ‘together’ eliminating frizz.

So, if you can handle the itchy, smelly initial 2 weeks,(without losing your friends) then congratulations for having great hair.

4 Replies to “Hair Facts…No Shampoo?”

  1. everytime i suggest this to a client they think i'm crazy. but i used to be a everyday washer(not to mention color doesn't last)but i've since converted to amazing results. but that's also because i like that whole sexy bed head victoria secret look.

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