Guest Post by Sophia Smith

Hong Kong’s Wellness Scene Blossom

Hong Kong has always been considered consumerist heaven, but over the years it grew into so much more. Thanks in large part to millennial trends, healthy living and ageless beauty are being promoted all around, so the world of wellness is developing at a breakneck pace. Asian entrepreneurs and businesswomen are pushing boundaries and showing us their ideas of what fitness and beauty can really be, and we’re all jumping on board because we want to know their secrets.

If you’re also eager to understand the world of Hong Kong wellness and find out how Chinese women manage to retain their ageless purity, take a look at what their wellness scene has to offer.

More women in charge

From Dee Cheung to Dr. Winnie Mui  —women seem to be completely overtaking the Hong Kong wellness scene. Female innovators and business leaders are great news for all of us because they’re eager to make some very positive changes and make everything better, so we’re seeing a lot of new spa centers and salons that aren’t aimed at beauty only, but at our wellbeing and spiritual peace. Yoga and meditation and coupled with steam rooms and cosmetic procedures, so you can always get the full experience. Head to toe wellness, and all of it aimed at making you happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Workout varieties

Sticking to the same old workouts is a surefire way to plateau and stop making progress after you reach a certain point. Since a big chunk of the wellness scene is actually dedicated to exercising, the whole process is made a lot more pleasant because every workout is planned to suit your needs, and you get to mix it up and really tighten and tone your body through variety. In Hong Kong, yoga is on the rise right now, and the multitude of yoga studios is a testament to the success of this ancient practice. If you want to mix up your own exercising regimen, this is one thing you should definitely be adding in.

Using modern apps

Technological advances are also on the rise, and Chinese people really seem to be embracing the modern ways of living. Since most of them keep their phones close at all times, it’s easy to book a spa treatment in Hong Kong using an app to avoid any fuss, especially for those who are always short on time and need a quick way to manage their day. This is a pretty handy little trick that anyone can benefit from—if you like something, check whether there’s an app related to it. Chances are, there’s already a handy program that you could install on your phone and make things easier for yourself. Use it to organize yourself and really make time for those beauty treatments.

Focus on the face

Our face reflects our whole health. If it’s tired, dull, and grey then it makes us look old and weary, but if it’s fresh and rosy, then it can easily make us glow. Simply put, if you want to feel beautiful, you must take care of your skin, and Asian women are very much aware of this fact. There’s nothing like a good fruit acid facial to help banish acne or maybe some microdermabrasion to smooth away texture and wrinkles. While “glass skin” is mostly a Korean trend, it’s also taking off both in China and America, and beauty gurus, wellness enthusiasts, and average ladies are looking for that dewy, fresh perfection and a lit-from-within kind of glow. If you want to achieve it, then do focus on your face during your beauty routine, and don’t be afraid to go to the salon and have professionals pamper it.

Nurturing hair beauty

Strong, healthy hair is very important in Asian culture, and Hong Kong is full of amazing salons that have perfected their skills in hair treatments. One of the most popular trends right now are extensions, so if you’ve always wanted longer, thicker locks, this is one of the best ways to actually achieve the look. DIY hair care is easy and fun, but you should definitely let a pro take care of your tresses at least occasionally. Get a trim to keep the ends from splitting, get a new trendy style to rock for the season, and enjoy having a head full of glossy hair.

More than an indulgence

It’s slowly becoming obvious that in Hong Kong, wellness is no longer an indulgence. It’s not something you treat yourself to when you have a bad day, it’s a whole lifestyle. People invest a lot more in their health, and regular salon and spa visits are seen as a simple part of self-care aimed at increasing the quality of life. It’s definitely not a bad outlook—putting your own wellbeing first can really transform you from inside out, so if there’s one thing you want to take away from the Hong Kong wellness scene, let it be that. It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your mind and body? Then pick up a few tips from Hong Kong wellness habits and start enjoying your spa visits more often!