Great Reviews..

There really is nothing like a couple of great reviews to start the day off… Thank Lindsay and Amanda …

I know I’ve said this before but your dry shampoo/texturizer is quite honestly the best stuff ever. I even use it on my clean, dry hair to give it more density and texture. I’ve never found anything else like it and I’ve tried so many things! I’m half asian but I totally inherited the asian hair gene full-on. I have thick individual strands of hair but sometimes (especially in the bangs area) I can see a sparse look. It’s not like balding, but just sparse…especially if my hair gets oily…know what I mean? Anyway, your product totally helps it look less sparse, too. I’ll be a lifelong supporter of JuJuChan!

I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!


Amanda P said…

Finally a product that does what it says!!! My hair is long, fine and extremely straight, because of this my hair tends to weigh itself down and on those days that I didn’t wash my hair well let’s just say it hasn’t always been pretty….until I started using Juju Chan texture powder!!!!

Trust me I’ve tried them all the dry shampoos that promise your hair will look like you just washed it…NOT! The products that promise more body….ugh those are the worst. They last 5 mins and then you are stuck with gross product in your hair and it’s still flat…FAIL!!!
I came across this product by chance and after that first time using it (without knowing where to get it) I ran to Sephora to see if they carried it….they didn’t and I was completely shocked. How could a product this great not be in there stores?! Luckily I discovered that you could purchase online or Dekko Salon (yay for me for living so close to my favorite salon 🙂

Since using this product I tend to like my hair more on the days I haven’t washed it, It gives it wonderful body, takes away any grease and I swear it makes my thin hair feel like it’s doubled in thickness. On the days I do wash my hair I still use it to give my hair a bit more oomph. Love love love this stuff!!!