Found our new I.T. guy..

You may have noticed lately that my blog has been down.. Thanks to some infected bug/malware I thought I’d lost all my 4years of hard work. I really did think I was going to have to start from scratch.

Anyway Thanks to our new superhero IT man Paul Routledge.. All is ok in our world again!

Not only did he put it all back together again, but he did it with such speed and professionalism, we were so so grateful!

So if any of you have any IT website problems, I would not hesitate to contact Paul to sort your techie stuff out, its so important to have someone reliable and solid.  He specializes in PHP MySQL JavaScript, Ajax, Json, CSS3, HTML5 Jquery, Jquerymobile C++ et al

Anyway, here’s Paul’s info for you.

And by the way – Paul’s a genius veteran Hair guy too, so if you happen to be in the Taiwan area, go get a haircut too : )