Flowers From Fatima..

After being approached by Fatima to talk about showcasing some of her work on my blog, I had a look at her creations and thought it would be really nice to show you some of her new floral hair pieces, all are perfect for parties, weddings or just everyday wear – enjoy these accessories made by a talented passionate artist from Ohio.

First a few words from Fatima:

Growing up, my father decided to pursue a family run program for the improvement of our low-income neighborhood. Alone, my family and I turned the urban slum into a paradise. It was then, 7 years ago, that I found an attraction for natural beauty and have grown to connect with our Mother Nature in all ways possible. In mid-December, my father passed, but his vision and dream of hope lives through my flowers. Be beautiful naturally, let positive energy follow, and give the world a bright and hopeful image to admire.
“Where there are flowers, there is life.”

1. Precious Pink Gardenia Hair Clip –
This soft pink silk Gardenia hair clip is 3 inches long and securely glued to a 2 inch alligator clip for a comfortable and EASY fit in the hair! Perfect for all hair types.

2. Divine Queen Floral Hair Sticks –
These 9” bamboo hair sticks are decorated with silk plum Delphinium flowers and golden Swarovski crystals.

3. Seaside Hair Clip –
This is a hot, NEW, exotic Summer trend! Crystal flowers. This oversized teal floral hair clip is perfect for a night out on the town with the shimmering accents. Ideal for beach weddings, parties, and special occasions.
The teal colored Gerbera Daisy is 5 inches long and lined with 100% blue, teal, and diamond CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements.

4. Metallic Grey Rose Hair Clip – (my personal fave)
This gray silk rose is approximately 5 inches in diameter and attached to a durable metal alligator clip that holds well in all hair types.

5. Cream Pearl Peony Hair Clip –
This silk creme and pink Peony flower hair clip is studded with faux pearls around its edges, for an elegant look. It measures 3 inches long, all around.

6. Honeycomb Floral Hair Sticks –
These bamboo hair sticks are approximately 9” long and lined with silky caramel and khaki brown hydrangea petals. Each hair stick is finished with golden Swarovski crystals for a delicate feminine touch. Wear one or wear them both!

Fatima changes her styles often so keep a look out for your favourites and check out other designs on her Etsy website:
Flowers/Hair Clips and Sticks vary between $10 – $35.