Fibrous Products..

Products with Fibers for Extra Hold….


This Fiber Grease is one of the other products available from the Japanese Cool Grease line. The line ranges in different strengths and then there is this one which is made with fibers within the product, this allows for a stronger hold and makes the product a little bit tackier in feel compared to the other Cool Greases. This means its fantastic for styling shorter hairstyles, particularly Asian straighter hair, the hold is strong enough to be able to tweak and bend the straight course textures. But again water based, so easy to wash out if you use normal amounts on the hair.

Another product I wanted to mention which works in the same way (but unfortunately has just been discontinued) is the Sebastian ‘Threads’. This is similar to the above Fiber Grease but the consistency is much softer so therefore easier to manipulate into longer straight course hair. It allows the long hair to be made messier and more malleable. Shame they took it off the market!

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