Fake Fringes (Bangs in the US)

I have always wondered what it would be like to use one of those fake fringes that we see around. Do they really work and how real do they look, if at all and how do they work?

I used to wear my hair with a fringe but having grown it out for quite some time now, I was beginning to miss my ‘fringey’ look, so I decided to go and get one to try out and review while I still have my own long fringe.

I picked one up from a local wig store but they didn’t have my color, slightly warm brown, so I asked them whether they could be colored as they were made from 100% real hair. The lady assured me they could be bleached colored and styled. So I ended up not taking Jodi’s (our color pro) advice to get a lighter shade to dye it darker, instead I got a darker shade to lighten up!! Wrong!  Jodi lightened it up 3 times and all it did was lift it half a shade lighter.. so, always listen to the experts and not the shop keepers people.

Anyway, this is how I sectioned off my own fringe before attaching, notice how I tuck the front bit behind the ears leaving the top section to hang over the hairpiece..



Then I tried out different lengths to see what it would look like… 1. Original fringe 2. Longer look 3. Short look






The piece itself has a little comb sewn onto the top of it and this is how you attach it to your own hair, how high/low you attach it determines how long/short your fringe sits.



And one of the important things is to Remember about the joining at the top of the head, this is the true giveaway and you want to make sure that its sitting at the right place and also not sticking/bulging up from the side view:


Anyway guys, what do you think? Would you try one? Does it look real? Personally I was shocked to find that they actually work well, it looks pretty real (even with the color difference) and I wore it to work one day and most people thought I’d cut my fringe off! I ended up keeping my long fringe knowing I can just get a change and stick the ‘fakey’ on anytime.

You can find many styles and colors online but most of the good ones are from Asia.

My only warning is if you move around too much, the whole thing moves with you so watch out in the wind or when running/dancing or doing any activities : )

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  1. Yes! i have a similar product at the moxie, and have several clients who wear “toppettes”, “toppers”, and “integrative pieces”. they really do work well. especially for women with hair loss. fun to play with regardless tho! i put one on the side of my head to make it look like i had one side shaved and the other side long. pretty awesome.!!

    1. Haha Emily, I would like to see you with it on the side of your head!! You should do an article on it for your clients, cos it really is quite fun, I must say i was really surprised with the result : )

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