Eyelash Perms..

I have been a long time fan of eyelash perms ever since I went to live in Hong Kong back in the early 90’s. For those of you who have never heard of this treatment, it’s where we (especially those of us with poker straight lashes that hang downwards) lay down for 30-40mins while a rod is used to wrap our lashes around, and permed!

Before perm:

before 2

How is it done?
First your lashes are cleaned and dried.  Make sure the correct rod is chosen, they  come in various sizes depending on lash length and amount of curl wanted. The rod is placed above the lash line, it has a stickiness to it which keeps it in place. Temporary eyelash glue is applied to the rod, then the lashes are flipped around the rod following the curve of the rod. Each hair is individually placed and separated into place using a pointed tool.
Once all the lashes are in place, the perm solution is applied, this is in gel form so it doesn’t  run into the eyes. It’s then covered and left on about 8 – 10mins.
The lashes r then rinsed by squeezing water on them, then dried slightly before the neutralizer is applied. Again this is left for 10mins before rinsing again.
The rods are then taken off and the eyes cleaned.

Choice of rods:


The end result (if done well) is a  Wide eyed open look that lasts about 3 months and you don’t need to bother with eyelash curlers etc. Just apply mascara and go.

After perm – with and without mascara


Words of warning – I’ve had enough of these to advise against having another perm too soon, this is like perming on top of a perm on hair, it will frizz and hook! I have found at least 3months is a good enough time to leave it.
Don’t have too small a rod as too curly can be too un-natural as it curls back on itself.
Make sure you get a recommendation to a technician, as I once had one that snapped off some of my lashes on one eye. To be honest I have found that because this treatment is done in Asia so much, I have found that the Asian technicians have more experience with this.
Side note – if an area is too curly, a good technician will be able to loosen up that area.

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