Dip Dyed Hair..

I noticed recently that there seems to be another color trend going around! It looks like its stemmed from the ‘Ombre’ coloring technique but this one being more fun more wild and more punky! I love it!

Bright colors are applied onto the ends of the hair, anything from pink, purple, green multi colored etc. etc. Celebs such as Lady Gaga and Lauren Conrad and of course as always with all trends, Drew Barrymore have been seen with their dip-dyed hair. For a good read and to see how its done, check out Bangstyle where I found this picture below.



Below we have Lady Gaga (photo source) and Lauren Conrad (Photo Source)with their looks..


This is best to have it done professionally I would say as it involves bleaching the hair first before applying the brighter colors. Here are some more samples of Dip-dyed hair (thanks to www.buzzfeed.com for the pics)


For those of us who are alittle bit intimidated by the bleach and the ruining of the hair and having to look at it for so long, Aussie Hairdresser Kevin Murphy has brought out a temporary color dye to achieve this same look. Called ‘Color.Bug’, it comes in 3 colors – Pink, Orange and Purple.

This product can be applied quickly by using a product such as hairspray beforehand, or something for the product to grip onto, then the color is applied onto the ends. Washes out completely. The only thing I don’t know is whether this products works well on dark hair or only on medium to blonde hair. But fabulous for a different look for the evening!



Thanks to my client Lindsay to the intro to the Color Bug : )