Dekko’s Daily Grind–Kristen

Kristen was new to the salon. She came in and wanted her long (past her bum) hair all cut off! She wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love. For once I didn’t have to get the tape measure out to check that I have at least 8inches, we must’ve cut off about 14inches of virgin great conditioned hair. Someone’s gonna get a great wig out of this hair..

Anyway this is Kristin just as I chopped off some hair and then luckily remembered that I needed to chronicle it. Out came my i-phone before I whipped it all off.

photo copyIMG_5999

We decided to take the length up to around chin level, and to bring out as much curls as possible. We were lucky because we both expected the hair to be ultra curly and very easy to frizz but in fact as soon as we took the length up, the curls were soft and very manageable. It was lovely curls/waves that we had to work with. Phew!

When we worked the shape and curls in, we used some style cream, twirled the hair in pieces and diffused dried it before shaking the curls out to create a messier look. Here is Kristin after:



Thanks so much for being such a sport and enjoying the process as much as we did..