Dekko’s Daily Grind – Jodi

As you all know Jodi is one of my Dekko partners and when she decided recently to cut all her hair off, we got pretty excited about it! She had grown her hair out completely and we did a cute updo for her wedding, anyway, we got soo excited that we took pictures of everything but the ‘Before’ picture, Duh! I was convinced this wouldn’t be a problem cos we could sift through our old photos to find one of her… anyway no such luck, Jodi did not have one evidence that she even grew her hair that long. Anyway, I decided to take things into my own hands and show you what the before looked like. I took a Sharpie pen and drew it for you : )

Jodi 2 cut

Cute huh? Anyway here are pics of how much we cut off and just for the hell of it, here’s a pic of her wedding do from the back..

Oh I forgot to tell you that I have not done a perm for maybe about 20years, so Jodi decided that I was gonna do hers! This was gonna be real fun. Once I got my mind around the idea, the perm was actually quite fun to do, I had not forgot how to wind. Using huge rods and leaving the top and front straight we wound the rods in different directions using huge sectioning..

Anyway, 20mins development time later we have a fabulous perm, if I may I say so myself..

So then we started cutting it all off, first by giving her a bowl shape and then layering it all through until there was plenty of movement and we thinned it  out and textured it thoroughly.

With the front area we made the outline stronger and heavier looking and then blended it back into the sides, as you can see the perm was just enough to create the kicks and movement on the sides so it gave the shape abit of a scruffier look, not a bad perm for an amateur eh? Could’ve been very bad news!

And here’s a nice fancy picture of the finished result to show you.. Thanks Jodi : )