Dekko’s Daily Grind with Susie and her Color Bugs…

Susie has been a client of mine at Dekko Salon for quite a number of years now and she is just one of those cool chicks that just doesn’t have to try, she just is!

Susie fronts her band ‘The Blah Boutique’, has a respectable high flying job, dresses ultra funky and original and has a lovely personality to top it all off.

Every time she comes in, were always trying out new looks and fringes and whatever she’s in the mood for. Right now Susie’s on ‘Spockerella’ promotion!!  She wanted to combine Spock and Barbarella, Ha!  So in case you hear Spockerella mentioned out there one day, just remember you heard it here first from Susie.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 4.42.24 PM

Aside from being on Spockerella promotion, Susie changes her hair for every show she plays and with it comes her love of Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug. I wrote a post about dip dyed hair and color bug before for people wanting to use it for an ombre effect but as I will show you here, Susie uses it to a new level and get some brilliant looks from it.

Gorgeous looks, even though it may take the whole bug to get it : ) Thanks for the pics Susie x



susie purple crop

Color Bug by Kevin Murphy: