Dekko’s Daily Grind.. Michelle

Showcasing some more work from Joni at Dekko Salon. Michelle came in with fairly long hair and wanted to have a change. After a consultation, Joni went about her work and created a shorter cute, messy fresher style for Michelle.

Cut with a razor to give more texture and create messier lines, but still keeping in with the graduated shape through the back to give it a nicer profile, Joni created a shredded asymmetric bob shape that has been styled with styling cream to bring out Michelle’s natural movement in the hair. Nice Joni, thanks for posing for me Michelle : )

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  1. Woohoo! Thanks Jules for the props. Michelle is the best and is always willing to try something new. BTW I thought I would mention that Michelle is what I call a "hair farm". She is putting her abilities and genetics to good use as she grows her hair out to donate it to places like Locks of Love. We will go from short to long and back again in no time.

  2. Thanks rejuvin8, not sure if there is a name to the hairstyle but I guess you could describe it as a messy asymetric bob shape.

  3. Ha, thats great Rachel, I look forward to seeing you again : ) Altho I cannot take credit for this cut above as it was done by Joni who also works in Dekko. See you soon…

  4. i love this cut. fantastic job, jules.
    this is rachel, who was in about three wks back, and i adore my cut. i thought i'd let you know. i'll be making another appt in a few months for sure!

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