Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Marisa

We all got a bloomin’ shock when our ex-stylist Marisa, walked in after we hadn’t seen her for over 2 years. Marisa worked with us right from day one in Dekko and after 7years she moved on from us. I know she’s now a brilliant math teacher but jeez, She totally looked like Crystal Gayle! (although I’m sure she’ll kill me if she read this) She hadn’t had her haircut in years and came in to shape herself up again.

So here is Marisa before: (sorry about the bright lights)

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 3.07.34 PM

And here is Marisa after we cut, chopped, sliced, thinned, hacked, twisted and dried her gorgeous wavy locks, it was fun to attack so much hair and yes Marisa, your still a doll, a very intelligent intellectually brainy math doll!

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 3.12.13 PM

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2 Replies to “Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Marisa”

  1. Wow wow wow! She had a buzz cut when I first met her and only had a chin length bob when I saw her last in 2006 I think! Still looking pretty…

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