Dekko’s Daily Grind- Lisa

Would like to share some more daily Dekko before and after work with you !

Here’s Lisa with her grown out hair. The last haircut she had was when she had it cut into a pixie haircut and it was all about 2inches all over. Lisa now decided to grow it out abit, but while it had some length to it, it had also become very bulbous looking, with way too much weight throughout the head.

Sorry this picture looks so passport like Lisa!

Anyway, we decided that we should try and keep the length as much as possible but to thin it out using a razor to create a softer look and make it look abit more updated. We tool the mullet off the back, kept the length at the front and switched partings for a change.

Lisa’s new look after the haircut. Styles with Davines Defining Invisible Paste before drying.
Thanks a lot Lisa!

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