Dekko’s Daily Grind – Meng

Here’s some more work from Dekko to share with you…

The very first time Meng came into Dekko to see us, she had long hair, the texture looked fairly straight and it was slightly frizzy. We actually chopped all the hair off that first time and revealed some fabulous curls that had been hidden away underneath all the weight of the hair. Here’s a photo of Meng before we attacked her with the scissors!

Meng - long

Because we did the haircut before I even started writing my blog the starting point with the before and afters below start at the grown out length of that first haircut.
Here’s Meng after her hair had grown out about 4months, I know she still looks cute but the length again made it look frizzy again and the shape was lost and heavy looking.

We cut the hair using both a razor and scissors. The back area was taken in more but left long enough to see from the front view. We decided to work on an asymmetric shape through the front area. The whole of the head was chopped into and texturized to give the curls more freedom to stick out and do whatever it wants!

We styled Meng’s hair with Davines’s Invisible Styling Paste, rubbing it into the ends so the ends stick together more and using a diffuser we dried the hair without disturbing it too much. Once dry, we messed the hair up and shook it around abit.

Thanks to Meng for being such a great model!