Dekko’s Daily Grind – Karen

Sometimes we get the odd clients who come in for a haircut and then we don’t see them for almost a year, meanwhile their hair is down their back and they come in, cut it off and start all over again.

Personally I really don’t mind this, because it shows that a haircut can be so well done that it can last such a long time, and it can be enjoyed throughout the various stages of growth.

Here’s Karen, coming into Dekko after about 9months, she trims her own fringe in between haircuts to keep the front looking fresher. The curls were made more definite as she had her hair tied up all day.

We decided to cut the hair almost back to shoulder length, put alot of layers into it and framed the face with alot of movement and layering. We cut the hair using scissors as Karen’s hair is on the finer side and we then blow dried it straight but bouncy using Prive Weightless Amplifier.

Thanks Karen, really appreciate it. (Didn’t mean to chop the top of your head off, it just happened sorry.)

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  1. I thought "Wow, the woman in the lower set of pics is much cuter than the one in the upper set," before I read the text and realized they're the same woman. Amazing! (Are you sure they're really the same person? 🙂

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