Dekko’s Daily Grind… Margot

Margot came in to see me at Dekko while she was visiting from Hawaii. Margot hadn’t had a haircut for quite some time so her style was completely gone, and with her hair being on the fine side it needed something that had abit more ‘zap’ to it! It was good that Margot works in the creative field and is able to have her hair abit more on the fun side. Here’s Margot when she came in:

I decided to try to thicken up the hair and give it a more definite shape. We went for an asymmetric shape, building up a ‘bobby’ type of shape but with some disconnection throughout the top layer to make it stand out more. The front area was already short so I decided to take it even shorter to bring out her gorgeous eyes more and make her look abit ‘doll’ like..

Here’s the cut afterwards… Amplifier was used and the hair was just dried with the fingers to get more lift and a volumising spray was used afterwards to mess it up abit.

Thanks Margot, for posing and letting me post : )

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