Dekko’s Daily Grind–Patricia

Patricia came into Dekko Salon a while ago and had grown her hair long enough so that she could donate it to one of the many organizations that create wigs for people with hair loss with cancer or other diseases. Good for you Patricia.
Anyway as you can see from the pictures below she certainly had a lot of length to work with. We must’ve had about 12 inches that we could cut off and still have a decent shoulder length style.

We decided to give Patricia a style that was around shoulder length, we made sure she had plenty of layers and because her hair is so thick, we took a lot of weight out of it and textured it quite a lot. Because Patricia’s face shape was more on the long side than any other shape, we thought it would be good to give her a softer fringe to balance out the length. We dried it casually with no brush, and then we rolled some styling cream onto the ends just to give it abit more texture.
I must say that we were very pleased with the end result and thought Patricia looked very sexy and
fresh : )
Thanks a lot Patricia for posing and for donating!