Dazed Digital ~ I was a punk rock princess

Fantastic visuals of before’s and after’s of the fabulous work of Peter Grey who was the hairstylist on this shoot and Andreas Kurwitz who did all the crazy creative color work. Dazed Digital is the online fashion version of  Dazed and Confused.


Fashion Editor Cathy Edwards said:

“I was inspired by some punk hairdressing postcards I found at a car boot sale about 10 years ago. I’ve had them on my wall for all that time and finally decided to show them to a hairdresser and use them as a starting point to create some very extreme ‘hair art’.

Peter is one of the most technically skilled hairdressers I’ve ever worked with and I knew he would be able to do something amazing. He is so passionate about what he does that it was great working with him. He has a brilliant team of really skilled assistants and colourists that means anything is possible!

The girls were all great! It took three days and late nights to do and they all had to have their hair bleached to white before the cut and colour so it was very time consuming. They were all very patient and totally open to anything we wanted to do. I loved the fact they were different characters and all of them really liked how the hair looked in the end.”


Great work, Thanks for sharing with us : )