China Bobs

This is what I used to call them while growing up because nearly every little girl in China had it, this was the dreaded style that all Chinese mums will inflict on their child at some point or another. Why? I just don’t know but it always ends up looking like someone stuck a bowl on our heads and cut around it, that’s Asian hair for you!

So why do I hate bobs? I realized why very recently when I was looking back at some kiddy photos and here it is, living proof that I had it….. no wonder I hated them and am still reluctant to give them!

(me on the right with my sis)


Altho I have to say that the ‘China’ bob really can look very cute nowadays on the right person, just not me, as I did try again later on in life…. Ugh!!

Now here’s how it should look:

scan bob crop

4 Replies to “China Bobs”

  1. My mom has a collection of similar portrait pictures of me in different ages. I'll send you some, if I can find them. =)

  2. The last pic is sooo adorable!! Also, it's fun to see you with such short hair! wow!

  3. Okay, that bottom pic is too cute! (I too have suffered from HORRIBLE bobs as a child. My mom made me look like a boy. And we wonder why my childhood was bad…)

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