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Tousle Sea Salt Spray ~ Spray on some beachy sexy texture.
Plump Volumizer ~ Lightweight spray to give hair more volume and oomph.
Bounce Curl Cream ~ Helps define and hold your waves and curls.
Texture Powder Styler ~ Absorb oils while giving texture.
Renovo Hairline Enhancer ~ Help nourish and increase hair density around your hairline.
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COVID-19 Update ~

Hey all, We are still shipping out in the US!!  The salon and I may have been shut down along with everything else during this COVID -19 times, but you can still shop online. Your hair still needs beautifying especially now that you cant have a haircut. So just to remind you we have to offer;


1.    RENOVO Hairline Enhancer – Use this time at home to thicken up your hairline using this topical serum packed full of peptides, vitamins, proteins and marinade nutrients. Amazing results within 2 to 3 months. (See website for pics)

1.    TOUSLE Sea Salt Spray – Give your hair an unkempt tousled ‘been at the beach all day’ kind of look. Whys is ‘Tousle’ different to others?  Its light and airy with no rough feel and adds a subtle shine.

2.    BOUNCE Curl Cream – A great no nonsense reliable curl cream with hold, creates shine, separation and texture while providing a flexible finish with medium hold.

3.    PLUMP Volumizer -A weightless spray that gives hair a voluminous plumper look and feel. Long lasting ultra light mist the plumps while painting a soft airy feel. Fine hair loves it!

4.    TEXTURE – Powder Styler/Dry Shampoo – a long lasting dry shampoo that keeps the oils at bay. Available in 2 shades to cover all hair textures and colors.

All my products are available online at or in my bio where you can also find out more information about each product.

All my products are formulated without ingredients such as  Parabens, Sulfates, Sodium Chloride and Fragrances and Perfumes.

Thanks for all your support, stay safe and strong.


Renovo ~ Biotin Hairline Enhancer

Here’s a little video I made  recently. I’m not a pro with videos but I’ve been practicing and getting better. This one is for my latest product Renovo which launched a month ago and has been doing really well. These ‘before and after’ pictures of my clients are not photoshopped,  I took them myself and they have been put together over a period of 3 – 4 months,  these results are  all real. Check it out!

New Product Alert!!

Introducing Renovo™ ~ ‘Biotin Hairline Enhancer™’ designed for women.

Has anyone noticed their hairline receding as we age? I certainly have! My right side started to recede much further than my left. This was the reason why I was prompted to create a product that would help thicken up those areas. After extensive research we have found a solution that works really well and by applying the special peptides topically we can get directly to the problem area.  Check out my very own before and after shots taken over 3 months.  Renovo™ will be available soon but stay tuned for our Pre-Launch special. Product shot by TJBender and design by Mark Gartland.

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More before and after pictures to come.



What is This Braided Eyebrow Trend?!

There’s always something trending in the beauty world. Usually, it’s something no one else actually wears in real life. Instagram has recently bestowed us with another trend that has us scratching our heads — the braided eyebrow. Thanks to a viral post by a California teen, Instagrammers around the globe have been hopping on this new trend that takes their brow game to new heights, literally.

The First Braided Eyebrow

Eros Gomez, a 17-year-old from California, is the name behind the wacky new eyebrow style. While most people had just gotten comfortable enough to fill in their brows, Gomez took things to the next level by posting a braided shot of his eyebrow on Instagram. Only it’s not what you think.

The photo that launched a new trend is actually Photoshopped. Speaking with “Allure” magazine, Gomez revealed that after many products and failed attempts to actually braid his eyebrows, he decided to just take a picture and edit the braid in on Photoshop. Of course, the idea itself wasn’t completely disingenuous. He reveals in the same article that he was inspired by “brow chains”, which are necklaces adhered to eyebrows. Gomez says that he knew people would be trying to braid their brows eventually and he wanted to be the first.

The Eyebrow Craze of 2018

The braided eyebrow is just one perplexing and daring look that’s graced foreheads this year; before, there was the wavy brow, and then the squiggy brow. Now, people have begun styling what is known as the “halo brow”. With a circular formation that (sort of) frames the eyes and draws focus to the forehead, the halo brow look are sweeping Instagram by storm and leaving some enamored and others just downright exhausted.

Can’t eyebrows just be eyebrows? Tweezed, full, au natural — we see you. But it’s hard to imagine seeing an actual person at school or work with their eyebrows literally defying gravity and wrapped around their forehead.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We commend these bold beauty fans for their creativity. It’s difficult to stand out online nowadays since we’ve seen just about everything. The new eyebrow styles and trends springing up across social media are just evidence that with enough time on your hands, some highlighter and a good photo editor, anyone can transform their everyday look into an eye-catching (pun intended) new craze that encourages others to express themselves and try new things.

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