Maggie Q

Maggie Q – International Star – most memorable to date, being Mission Impossible III.


I made this slideshow because even though I think Maggie’s style in hair is a little on the classic side, she wears the styles well. With a face like hers you certainly cant go wrong with any style really but being an actress I guess staying basic and classic is the way to go. Enjoy my selection : )

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung – latest ‘it’ girl from England, known for her great fashion sense and now host of MTV USA. I admire this girls syle and wanted to show you some varied looks that make this girl stand out with her simple yet original style, both in hair and dress. She has the perfect hair for the ‘unkempt’ look which makes out like she doesn’t have to try very hard at all! With her English mum and Eurasian dad, it looks like she got the best of both worlds working for her hair. Go girl!

Vanessa Hudgens

I wanted to share some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens. With her dark ,thick healthy locks, thanks to her background mix of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish decent, she is able to constantly show a variety of styles. What I do like about her hair and styles is that she chooses styles that are young and fun, which is what she should be doing but sometimes once Hollywood gets to someone they have been known to end up looking TOO old and stuffy! Here are afew that are my favorites……

Pictures from ‘In Style’ mag.

Tribute to Keanu’s Hairstyles……

Keanu Reeves… an actor with so many looks that I had to do my own little tribute to him. Half Hawaiian Chinese, he tends to make the most of his thick hair, trying out different looks for his different movie roles and always ending up looking fabulous, Good on you Keanu!! We love you!