Going Bald by Choice and the Truth About Shaving My Head to Make My Hair Grow Thicker ~ Guest Post by Lee Walters

Here’s one for the guys, some interesting information from our guest blogger – Lee Walters from thehaircentral.com ~ Enjoy!

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a condition that affects so many men, it seems odd that some men would choose to go bald in spite of the fact that they are blessed with great hair. Some would say it is downright insulting to men who have the male pattern baldness gene for one to go bald by choice. But the facts tell a very different story.

Even though men dread going bald as though it is a terminal disease, the fact is that bald men are actually perceived as being stronger, more assertive and sometimes even taller than their follically blessed counterparts.

A Study Conduct by Experts 

In one study, a group of researchers from Barry University in Florida wanted to know why the gene that triggered male pattern baldness continued to survive through the generations even though it seemed to have a negative perception in society. If it indeed has a negative effect on social interaction, then the gene should have eventually died out.

One of the researchers, Dr. Frank Muscarella speculated that male pattern baldness evolved as a way to signal dominance without being perceived as a threat. In this study, participants were asked to rate a group of men on four independent scales – physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity.

The results showed that bald men rated the highest in social maturity and appeasement or diplomacy, and they rated the lowest in aggressiveness. In the metric of physical attractiveness, they rated lower than men with good hair but higher than men with receding hairlines. These results confirm Dr. Muscarella’s initial speculation about bald men being more dominant, at least in perception.

The fact that bald men appear to be less physically attractive than men with good hair does not actually affect their success with women. It is a well-known fact that women do like physically attractive men, but they are equally attracted to men who display social dominance and maturity.

With these facts in mind, it does not seem to be all that strange to shave one’s head despite the absence of male pattern baldness. After all, hair is not the only thing factor that contributes to physical attractiveness.

Going bald is actually a great strategy for those of us who are not blessed with other attractive features like high cheekbones or square jaws. So whether or not you have male pattern baldness, we suggest you give it a shot and see how it works for you. If you have male pattern baldness, then no one will know because you already shaved your head.

And if you don’t have male pattern baldness and don’t like the way you look with a cleanly shaven scalp, then you can always grow it back. However, we think you just might surprise yourself if you take the plunge. If you need advice on shaving your head for the first time, just head over to Lee Walter’s blog (https://thehaircentral.com/best-razor-for-shaving-head/) to see some options for the best razors to shave your head bald.

Making Your Hair Grow Thicker

If you do decide to shave your head, then you may hear a lot of myths associated with it, the most common one being that if you shave your head, your hair will grow back thicker.

First off, we would like to point out that since this article is aimed at men who do not have male pattern baldness, this would hardly be a bad thing. If you find that you don’t like a cleanly shaven scalp, then you would simply let it grow back at twice the thickness!

Unfortunately, this has been proven to be a myth by several scientific studies. You can even think about it logically – if shaving one’s head caused the hair to grow back thicker, wouldn’t that make it the number one treatment for male pattern baldness?

The reason this myth exists is due to the nature of hair growth. The hair that is visible above the surface of the skin is actually a string of dead cells. The live part of the hair is actually underneath the skin and is known as the “follicle”.

Unshaved hair tapers at the end. Shaving cuts the hair off just above the surface of the skin, leaving the follicle intact. When the hair regrows, it initially appears to be thicker because of the straight cut created by the razor. The taper takes time to reappear. There are other reasons that affect this perception as well. Unshaved hair has not yet been exposed to sunlight and other chemicals that may be floating in the air. These exposures do contribute to the appearance of one’s hair. Diet and medication are also factors that play a part in the apparent thinness or thickness of one’s hair.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.44.49 PM
Bruce Willis                                                   Vin Diesel
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.42.45 PM
Jason Statham                                               Dwayne Johnson

Whether you enjoy the shaving experience or just want to get rid of all that hair as soon as possible, we have covered it all so that you don’t have to waste time sifting through tens of thousands of Google results.

Just roll the ATX All-Terrain Razor from HeadBlade over your scalp for a quick and comfortable shave, or use a Merkur safety razor for the closest shave possible. Even if you are not keen on investing in the best tools, you can achieve the rugged look of stars like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with the cheapest shaving foam and triple blade razor. After all, there is a reason that the Gillette Mach 3 is so popular – because it really works!

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of all that pesky hair, put your chrome dome on display, and go out and turn some heads!

My article in MHD’s new blog!!

Thank You to MHDProductions (MyHairdressers.com) for featuring my article about scissor cutting versus razor cutting as one of their articles on their brand new blog. Myhairdressers.com was founded in 2007 and specializes in online training taught by England’s top names in hairdressing.  MHD has since attracted numerous international hairdressers to help support and nurture talents around the world, and now  I am honored to have worked with them by writing hairdressing articles for them since they started.

Hair Care Before & After Swimming~ Guest Post by Amy Mia Goldsmith

Swimming is healthy, it liberates from stress and makes you feel like it’s only you and the water, and nothing else. Knowing how much time I spend swimming, most women ask me how I manage to keep my hair so healthy and smooth. I have been swimming since I was four and I have always enjoyed spending my time swimming. In time, I needed to come up with an effective way to keep my hair healthy and beautiful after swimming. After spending years experimenting with numerous products and techniques, I’ve finally found the ones that I really like and I want to share some tips with you. So instead of restraining yourself from jumping into the pool, check out these tips and get into that water.


Before swimming

What most women forget is that preparation for swimming is as important as aftercare. Some women dislike swimming because exposure to water and sun usually makes the hair brittle, dull and dry. I had the same problem until I tried out coconut and olive oil that nourishes and protects the hair, thus prevents it from drying and discoloring.

Another thing you should always keep in mind is that, when exposed to water, your hair acts like a huge sponge, it soaks up a lot of water. Believe it or not, this problem can be solved by a simple shower. So, all you need to do is to take a shower, wet your hair, and the clean water will prevent it from soaking up chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
Apart from applying olive or coconut oil to your hair, you also need to apply an effective conditioner or spray with a sunscreen that contains vitamins A, C and E. Believe me, I never leave home without one of those in my bag. While swimming, I make a break from time to time in order to apply a new protective layer to my hair.

Many women make the same mistake and avoid wearing swimming caps. What they don’t know is that these caps protect your skin and ears from numerous parasites that could cause terrible and painful inflammations, and they keep your hair healthy and untouched. When I was a child, I hated swimming caps, but my parents made me wear them. I must admit that, today, I’m very grateful they did so!


After swimming

Keeping your hair beautiful after frequent exposure to the sun and water can be really tricky. That’s why you need to use adequate products that will nourish your hair and make it stay perfectly moisturized. When buying a shampoo or a conditioner, I usually pay special attention to its labels. For example, there are amazing products specially designed for “swimmers’ hair”. I usually prefer products that have both an immediate and long-run effect on my hair. When it comes to brushes, I am very satisfied with the Cloud Nine paddle and dressing brush. These brushes proved to be great for taming my long hair without breaking or split ends, and I wouldn’t change them for any other brush.

Apart from buying hair care products, I’ve also come up with some amazing alternative ways, using ingredients from my kitchen cabinet. One of the most effective DIY products I’ve tried out is made out of a pack of honey, peeled and mashed avocado and an egg yolk. All you have to do is to apply the substance onto your scalp, wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it for 15 minutes.

What I would also like to recommend to all women is to have their hair cut in the end of the swimming season. No matter how much you nourish it, after being exposed to the sun and numerous chemicals from the water, your hair will definitely be brittle and dry.

All in all, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful isn’t that complicated if you know how to do it properly. With these simple, yet effective tips for taking care of your hair before and after swimming, you will finally be able to enjoy swimming and sunshine and will not have to worry about your hair

 About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie who loves to read and has been writing novels and short stories as long as she can remember. She is also a passionate swimmer and loves to water ski. She is currently studying and working in a bookstore. Her passion is beauty and makeup and she loves to spend her free time reading reviews and of course – make up shopping!
Contact Amy  on her
Facebook page.

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My New Article for MHD – Scissors Versus Razors

I know I said I wasn’t writing anymore articles for the site MyHairdressers.com but I came up with a good article idea to write about so once again I did my best to collect my visions to match my write up..

‘Scissors versus Razors’ give people lets people know the differences in the different techniques as well as helping clients know what to ask for when going off to the hairdressers.

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Why Does Hair Frizz

Here’s an old but useful blog post from a few years ago….

Well, to be quite honest with you 8 times out of 10, its whoever is handling the hair that is making it frizz! (The other causes being weather, pregnancy or health)

How many times have I heard people saying that they cant wear their hair curly/wavy because it gets too frizzy? Once I delve further into the way the hair is handled it becomes very clear to me that its frizzy because people don’t really know how to style/deal with it.

So it boils down to the fact that when someone has wavy hair, each time you wash your hair you need to make a decision on whether to dry it straight or curly, nothing in between. The in betweeny is the part that leaves the hair frizzy.

When hair is wavy and you decide to either comb it or drag your fingers through it when wet, this action will partly pull out the waves, and some of the hair will stay straight and other parts will curl back up, leaving a very unruly sight with the mixture of straight to curly hair. (Frizz)

See examples below..


In other words, if you want healthy looking curls/waves, you must not disturb the hair while it is drying OR if you want it to be straight, you must go the whole hog and dry it thoroughly straight with a brush. (see example below) If you decided to dry your hair straight that day and got lazy half way through and decided to drop the brush and dry it roughly, this will create the worst of the frizzies.




This post has been LONG overdue for me.. I have been meaning to write this post for over a year now and with sooo many distractions along the way, and the fact that I honestly thought I would make a video for you of how to quickly braid your hair, but now I realize that video is just not gonna happen so then I had to do this post without it.. about bloody time I hear you say, its been over and been back in fashion again : /
So, of course, the trend was everso popular with the celebs who was sporting them all of last year, the look was fresh and cute so I think we all caught onto it fast. Everything from side braids to Heidi braids were everywhere. Here are some of my favorites with the celebs that were showing it off.
Here we have Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba..


And Gwen Stefani and Diane Kruger..


Of course the catwalks had their fair share of braids too, here is my own special favorite that I even tried out myself once.. me, who doesn’t ever do anything with the hair!


Braids my fave


And more from the catwalks last year..


So of course with Catwalks and Celebs doing it, that was our cue for us normal human beings to be doing it too, so everywhere we looked there they were.. But I have to admit that even though this post is over a year overdue, have you noticed that its still out there isn’t it? Which means it was a good long lasting trend that not only is simple to do but is good to look at and is a practical way of getting the hair out of the way : )
So to finish off here’s afew regular but still beautiful people wearing Braids in their hair..



Pink Hair..

I have always loved the baby pink hair that’s been all over the place. I once had my own small pieces scattered throughout my hair, the only problem was having to bleach out the hair to a light enough shade of blonde in order to put the baby pink on it. Of course it didn’t last too long either but for the one day seminar I had to do it was fine.

Lately I’ve seen so many Ads and other pictures with that shade of pink, I was always told it would be difficult or almost impossible to get it looking so light and pink on Asian hair, which is why most people would settle just for the pieces in the dark hair. Here’s an example of the pink I was talking about…..


Anyway I came across one Asian girl who managed to get this shade of pink for herself… From the chart topping  South Korean Band.. Miss A, this young lady JIA looks fabulous as she’s swinging her hair around singing Bad Girl Good Girl with her other band members. (Thanks @ Doug Henderson) for showing me the video. So this just goes to show, if you’ve got enough time money and a great colorist, Asian’s can have baby pink hair!


Picture 2


pink hair crop


Picture 6


Oh and here’s our very own Twinkie Chan and Joni from Dekko with their gorgeous pink hair..and Thanks to Jodi and Heather from Dekko Salon for the colors.



Color for Men..

Heather English who works with us at Dekko Salon has been taking care of quite afew of our men who have not been too happy about their salt and pepper hair becoming too salty!!!

Goldwell’s Men ReShade is one of the latest launches in men’s hair color, Because of its easy application which is usually applied at the color bowl and with it being foam based, this makes the ReShade a quick no mess treatment to have.

Quite afew of my clients have been to Heather to try it and have been very happy with their results. I have also noticed that there is no harsh hard lines around the hairline and edges so it doesn’t look like a fake piece has been ‘plonked’ on top of the head : )

Heather added that it leave the hair much more natural looking than tints because it leaves the hair with a cool tone, and It is used for grey reduction and blending and NOT grey coverage! The result usually lasts about 4 – 5 weeks which is ideal to have to coincide with their haircuts. Also note that is washes away naturally and does not have a regrowth line.


Goldwell’s ReShade:



Other companies also have their own solutions but work on the same lines.. for example Redken Color Camo for Men, another quick easy option to camouflage the grey hair…




And just for your information, I managed to get a shot of a slightly crooked  color chart for Redken’s Color Camo to give you an idea of the color choices and shades, although I always think its best to leave it to your colorist to choose the shade, after all, they do know best! So guys – what are you waiting for? Oh and I forgot to mention it was also easy on the wallet too : )



Growing out your Layers or Hair..

We’ve all been there right? Well I hope so, I hope most women have tried short hair at some point in their lives! Anyway, you’ve had the cutest short haircut and now you’ve had it short for so long, your bored.. Now what? What is the best way to grow out your hair?

I wanted to write this post to help those people who never seem to be able to grow it past a certain length before they cant stand it and off it comes again.

Using pictures to help me describe the different points of growth. To put it as simply as I can, there are 2 main ways of growing your hair out from a short pixie. But with both methods one of the most important secrets to easier hair growth is to keep it thinned out and textured, this will stop it from looking like a bowl while growing and you will be dealing with less hair as well as it looking better along the way.

1. You can either choose to carry on growing out the length as well as the layers until its all longer, the disadvantage of this method is that it will always be quite messy looking and highly likely (if you have a low hairline) that you will at some point have a kind of mullety look. This method will end up looking abit like a shag, so is great for trendier people.


2. You can grow all the layers out longer first while keeping sides and back shorter and neater, then when it reaches a certain length then the whole of hair will need to grow. At some point you will end up with a kid of bob shape. This one is the ‘neater’ way of growing out hair but for people who hate bobs, this method may not be for you.


Then as the hair continues to grow you will hit the worst point where the hair will hit the shoulders and flip! This is unavoidable so depending on how much you hate hair flipping, this can be controlled by how much or how short your layers are at this point. You could grow it down with heavier layers to keep the flipping from happening so much and then add more layers as you get past this stage or you can have quite afew layers and have it looking very  rock chickish.

BUT.. you should be aware that depending on your hair type and thickness, having too many layers at this length could very well result in a ‘Rachel’ from friends which in my eyes is a no no!!



Once you get about 2inches past the shoulder then you are scott free and well on your way to having long hair!!! Anyway, hope this helps you get past the worst stages : )

Remember texture texture thin out and chop it up, that’s the secret! Oh and of course a good hairstylist helps : /