Intense Curl Cream by MoroccanOil

Here’s one more review for the Morroccan Oil family, my update with the latest curly hair products. I mentioned to you earlier about my love for Moroccan Oil’s Curl Defining Cream, and although I still love it on people who prefer a softer more flexible hold on their curls, I have now found another one of their curl creams that I prefer more for an even more defined look.



The Intense Curl Cream is great for anyone who likes to feel abit more product in their hair, this cream is heavier and creates more definite waves/curls. The consistency of the cream is a lot thicker than the Curl Defining Cream therefore it helps to cling the ends of the hair together and doesn’t allow the frizz to come through on the ends. This one also brings shine through to the ends of the hair, so if you like some shine on your curls these products give you that. Ideal for people who prefer to leave their hair to dry naturally.

Apply by rubbing cream into your hands and then by working in into the hair, I tend to start at the middle lengths, ends then lastly the roots, so that there is not too much product on the roots. Then once the cream is worked in, you can twist the curls into more definite twirls before either diffusing or leaving to dry naturally.

I have to add that I have had a couple of clients who found this product to be too heavy on their hair, so they should definitely use the Curl Defining Cream instead, but for the rest of you, this product is definitely worth a try!

Dekko’s Daily Grind..Trac

My client Trac is constantly changing his hair up, he goes from long to short and back to long again in no time. After wearing his hair on the longer messier side for quite some time, Trac decided he wanted to try something abit neater and more groomed looking – as in the 30’s Clark Cable look.

Here’s Trac when he came in:


We used the razor to give his  course Asian hair abit more softness and movement, even though we knew we would be combing it back, we still wanted the hair to move around more so it would be easier for him to style. During the haircut we were aware not to cut the hair too short that it would be too stiff to style, we left it all slightly longer than we would have with fine soft hair. It was then styled using Cool Grease (a styling product from Japan that is water based but leaves the hair looking slightly wet but doesn’t look stiff like gel does). The hair was then combed back into place and left to dry.



The funny thing about this haircut was that Trac did not tell us he was having his hair cut for his wedding afew days later until after we finished cutting it! It’s a bloody good job it came out really well and went with his wedding outfit perfectly! Talk about being casual about it! Congratulations Trac!

Ken Pave’s Wigs

I must admit I’m always abit skeptical with wigs and pieces for the hair anyway, so when I heard there was a collaboration from Jessica Simpson and her style guru hairdresser – Ken Paves, I really wasn’t too sure. (Sorry, nothing personal) But even I have to admit after I came across a couple of their looks recently, that they looked really good!

With this first look, (Text taken from American Salon Magazine) Ken used what he called a Hairdo Angled Cut Wig in a pale blond color. He darkened the roots with ebony brown eye shadow and then razor cut the wig to create uneven choppy layers with soft edges. He then used a volumizing spray to give it the edgy finish.


Ken PavesAmericanSalonMag wig


Now I really like this second look, I love the feel and idea of the whole romantic braided look.

(Text from American Salon Mag) Ken used 4 black 22’” Hairdo Straight Extensions. He clipped 2 on each side of the head, starting from the front and just above the ears in a V-pattern before teasing and clipping them into place. After adding the remaining extensions on each side of the crown and creating a center part closure, he applied a Hairdo Clip In Bang that he had lifted to platinum before teasing and pinning into place.



Now what do you all think? Would you go and buy some pieces or wigs just to have some fun and create some new looks?

Making a new ‘how to’ video for my new packaging…

I’m not a fan of making videos, I have still not got used to being in front of a camera trying to talk naturally, but I knew it had to be done. I have already had my new packaging for my products for about 4months now and I still have my old video up on my blog. (saved well by Robin Hong)

Anyway I ended up enlisting the help of my brilliant model Kerina, who has been the face of JujuChan so far. I figured it would look so much better to have a gorgeous face on it rather than me showing you how to use the new packaging.

My client introduced me to Graham Howes, a videographer (but he does allsorts of other useful stuff too) who efficiently helped us shoot the video and do some voiceovers that day. I just wanted to share some pictures from that fun day with you, including one of Kerina’s gorgeous shoes : )

Shot in Dekko Salon (plenty of natural lighting) with Melina De Lara (make up artist) doing a great job with Kerina’s make up, anyway I will soon post my new ‘How To’ video for you to check out, till then enjoy the pics…

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.54.48 PM


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.58.19 PM


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.01.20 PM


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.03.41 PM


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.09.18 PM


Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray

We have been using this line in Dekko Salon for quite some time now and so I have had time to play around with a lot of the products. I’m not usually a fan of hairspray as I usually prefer a texture spray at the end so that you can still move the hair around and I don’t normally like the stiff lacquered look that most hairsprays leave you with.

Anyway along comes this Moroccan Oil line and in with it is this Luminous Hairspray. It come in 2 strengths Medium Hold and Strong hold for however much hold you need. I have been using this spray on a lot of clients and what I find quite amazing about it is the fact the spray leaves the hair with a lot of shine, especially on long hair where usually the ends of the hair looks dry and over processed. It also allows you to move your hair around, as it is soft and flexible on the hair. No stickiness either!


Picture shows the strong and medium hold and one of the original packaging.

Extract taken from the Moroccan Oil brochure:

To use: Hold the can about 10inches form the hair and spray.. For extra volume, it can be sprayed on the roots before styling the hair. Can be brushed out easily without weighing down the hair and provides a reflective shield of sine that fights frizz and humidity.

Jaguar’s ‘Hot Scissors’!!

Not too sure about this one yet, I guess I need to use them to tell you exactly what I think, but anyway I just heard about these new ‘Hot’ scissors made by Jaguar. Basically you plug them in and they claim to seal the ends of the hair as it cuts and they can be warmed up to 310*F. So you would use less heat for finer hair and more heat for thicker hair.

The company made these scissors as well as a razor too:






So the claims are that if the hair is cut and sealed at the same time it would seal off the ends hence no more split ends! I pulled these pictures from the website to show you the difference in the ends if they work as they are meant to.The left is how a normal pair of scissors would leave your ends, and the right is meant to be the heated scissors! Anyway, with this one, you might need to tell me how this works if any of you have tried it.

The price of the scissors vary from $599 to $1,150..

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.20.34 PM

My New Packaging : )

 I’m very proud to present to you my new bottle packaging… Have been looking around for quite some time for a better applicator and was lucky enough to be introduced to this one by my manufacturer. Was lucky this time around and had no problems with printing of the bottles either.. must be on the right path!

Now,  Texture Powder Styler is even easier to apply, just simply lift up the hair at the roots and squeeze and pump the middle of the bottle, the powder dispenses evenly and finely onto the roots, in fact its so fine that you don’t even have to rub it into the hair like before….

Give yourself sexy hair with body and bounce or just don’t wash your hair so often and use the powder to absorb the oils instead.. visit us on our SHOP page for our new Roto Powder Pump Dispenser.

Visit –

Davines Treatment Pak..


I know the picture looks very ‘OFF’ don’t know what happened.. everything is crooked including the thick mask inside the bottle : |

The Nou Nou Pak is a nourishing repairing Mask made with Olive Butter for dry and brittle hair.
To use: Distribute evenly on towel dried hair and massage in gently. Comb through and leave it to work for 10-15mins then rinse out thoroughly.

From my limited experience on treatments and paks, they seem to work better when the hair is wrapped up in a towel or put under a steamer, both these methods keep the head/hair warmer and will help the cuticles open up, therefore allowing the treatment/pak to go into the surface of the hair adding more moisture to the hair.

Because I like my hair to be messy textured, dry and rougher feeling, I’m not the best reviewer on treatments and paks so I have not actually tried this product. ~ Digital Perms

Very recently I wrote my 3rd article for UK based Educational Website


For this one I interviewed Same from Zippy’s Hair Studio in San Francisco about her techniques and tips on doing Digital Perms (Hot Perm) Huge Thanks to my business partner Jodi Ninomiya for letting me document her while she tried out the perm ; )


Follow this link to read what Same had to say.. Digital Perm Article



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