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‘Straighteners to dye for – we find out what science has in store for our hair

Word in the science lab is that we may soon be waving goodbye to messy DIY dye jobs in favour of a much cleaner way to colour our hair – simply with the swipe of a straightener. Scientists at the University of Mexico and Los Alamos National Labs are developing a state-of-the-art technique using ion beam straighteners – hot irons that can permanently switch the colour of your hair. How does it work? They’ve developed irons that can etch gratings onto individual hairs, creating different patterns so each follicle refracts light differently – by scanning the colour directly onto the hair fibres. Only issue is that it’s permanent. However, the scientists also aim to develop a conditioner that can mimic this effect, which can then be washed out. But before you rush out to buy, research is still in its early stages, and it won’t be making it into our salons any time soon. But good to know it’s not just our phones getting smarter.’

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Individual Lashes..

I’m sure you’ve all tried this at least once by now, I wrote an article in the past about these lashes for an educational website but realized I didn’t share it with you on my blog, so here’s for you Blog readers…

I’ve been to quite afew different technicians to have this done and absolutely love them, as an Asian girl who is obsessed with having longer lashes, this treatment is the best. This particular set was done by Debbie from Lash Lab, SF.

This is where individual lashes are glued onto your own lashes to create drama, length and some thickness. Most will stay on for about 3 to 4weeks if care is taken with them, but in general the lash will stay onto your own lash until your lash naturally falls out during its cycle. Most clients will then go back for refills every 2 to 3 weeks, so yep, definitely a commitment both on time and money.

I must admit with Debbie’s applications I never did the re-fills, I would just do it for an occasion and keep them till they all fell out which for me sometimes would last about 2 months if I was being good.

Before and After pictures:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.28.02 PM

You can see the dramatic difference it makes to the eyes.. make up can still be used but oil free make up must be used in order for the glue to last longer. The process takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on which look you have chosen, from natural look to diva look which is where  each lash will have a lash attached, it is up to the technician to give you the look you would like, mixing in different lengths and choosing the right curl for the shape of the eye.

Here are some pictures to show you how the process is done:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.43.12 PM

Not a cheap treatment, prices can vary between $175 to $350 for the first application and for fills they can run between $65 to $90 depending on where you go. Of course, you can find cheaper ones like with all other treatments but you can run the risk of the glue affecting your own lashes.  Most people will want this to look abit more on the natural side, so unless you want something more dramatic and to go for the showgirl look, take some time to shop around and do a proper consultation. Anyway you’ve got the details, so now you must give it a go, you will LOVE it!

Hair Twister

Walked into H&M the other day and came across this contraption for the hair. We’ve all seen and played with the round donut types but this one is a simple long sponge twister, perfect for anyone who wants a bun at the nape of the neck.

Maybe you’ve all seen and played with this one too, I think its just me who’s abit out of touch with what’s selling out there nowadays but here it is for anyone interested..


Full simple instructions as to how to use it, Viola! Cheap and Cheerful too!


Dekko’s Daily Grind with Susie and her Color Bugs…

Susie has been a client of mine at Dekko Salon for quite a number of years now and she is just one of those cool chicks that just doesn’t have to try, she just is!

Susie fronts her band ‘The Blah Boutique’, has a respectable high flying job, dresses ultra funky and original and has a lovely personality to top it all off.

Every time she comes in, were always trying out new looks and fringes and whatever she’s in the mood for. Right now Susie’s on ‘Spockerella’ promotion!!  She wanted to combine Spock and Barbarella, Ha!  So in case you hear Spockerella mentioned out there one day, just remember you heard it here first from Susie.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 4.42.24 PM

Aside from being on Spockerella promotion, Susie changes her hair for every show she plays and with it comes her love of Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug. I wrote a post about dip dyed hair and color bug before for people wanting to use it for an ombre effect but as I will show you here, Susie uses it to a new level and get some brilliant looks from it.

Gorgeous looks, even though it may take the whole bug to get it : ) Thanks for the pics Susie x



susie purple crop

Color Bug by Kevin Murphy:


Caboki Hair Loss…

I came across this ad today and usually I find these things to be really silly and gimmicky but I just couldnt help myself admiring the realness of the end result! It certainly GOT me, so I decided to post it to see what you all thought.. looks alot like real hair doesnt it? But how? Now that I did Not look into.. I’ll leave it to you!

Oribe–Dry Texturizing Spray

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.36.11 PM

Another Oribe product to review, one of many, since they have around 42 products in their line, with another 5 brand new products since we at Dekko joined them 1 month ago…

I must admit that when I first used this product, two things struck me that I wasn’t too keen on..

1. The perfumed smell (I’m not usually one for having strong scents in hair products, its like battling with the body spray or perfume) and

2.The aerosol spray which seemed so strong, it felt like it was blowing the clients head off.

After using the more gentle Prive Texture Spray for many years this one felt abit too powerful when I first tried it, But after using it many times I have now got used to the perfume and the aerosol blast has softened out too and more importantly, I cannot deny that this product really works, it gives the hair TONS of body, big hair which my clients LOVE! Its also meant to be used as a dry shampoo that absorbs oils but I don’t find it  works too well in that department.

But if you want big hair with LOTS of body then you should check out this spray, its one of their top sellers so people are loving it.

Oribe–Maximista–Thickening Spray



We’ve just started carrying the new Oribe line at Dekko Salon and although I haven’t even begun to start using the whole line yet,  which consists of 42 products, I can honestly say I’ve found a new ‘favorite’ product already and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The Maxamista Thickening Spray really does work. Its not just used on fine hair to make it feel thick, I have used this on all different hair types, even thick hair that I didn’t think it would do anything to. To my amazement every time I have sprayed it onto medium to long hair, it makes the hair feel fuller and fluffier. It gives lots of body and keeps the hair feeling very light yet controlled and smooth.

Every single client that I have used this on during our testing period have LOVED it so much, they have rushed out to look for it. Particularly good when used on long fine hair with layers, talk about bigger hair!  I even used this on a guy with medium length hair and it made it look fuller and more controlled too.

And if you top it off with their Texturizing Spray (which I will do a separate review) you could end up with Big Texas hair if you want!

The only thing is, I know the words ‘thickening spray’ will put off people with medium to thick hair checking it out but it works really well on all textures with the control and smoothing factor so I hope people will give it a try despite the ‘thickening’ description.

Schwarzkopf Professional Color

I came across these great images from the American Salon magazine which featured the new release of Schwarzkopf’s new and exciting color – Igora Royal.

The Igora Royal color line delivers 50% longer color retention and 25% greater vibrancy without fadeage.

This spring/summer 2013 collection from Schwarzkopf and Essential Looks highlights 4 different trends spilt into these categories: White Angels, Mono Mods, Glam Chic and Electric Youth, all of which have been colored with the new igora Royal.

Hair by Steve Hogan,(Schwarzkopf)  Tyler Johnston and Lesley Lawson (Essential Looks)

I have picked out 4 of my favorite looks from the White Angels and the the Electric Youth collections. Hope you enjoy them.





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