Hyphen Magazine Article

I’ve been so excited to share this article with you all : ) The shoot for the section for Asian Hair Offenses was one of the most fun shoots ever!

Hyphen magazine is a non-profit Asian American magazine that features everything from politics to new stuff. You can subscribe to them by going to
Hyphen Magazine.
The full article isnt online yet but I thought I would post this screenshot of my double page spread for you..

Thanks to quite afew people for making this happen:
Lisa Macabasco, Margot Seeto, Andria Lo and Erica Jones from Hyphen for all their hard work, and thanks to Patrick from SoyBaby Photography and Elaine Fujji for the make up in the Hair Offenses section. Models include Seanathan, Ga Wa, Mary Ann and Tamara. And of course Thanks to Scott Klassen from Dekko Salon for his help in styling the mall fringe for me.

Picture 1
Picture 15

Hyphen Photo Shoot..

The other week I spent a fun filled day working with some of the great staff at Hyphen Magazine (a non-profit magazine focusing on Asian-American topics, you can subscribe by following the link). What started as a simple article about me and my new JujuChan product written by Margot Seeto, then became more and then even more, ending up with a section about my top 5 Asian hair offenses, now, because pictures speak louder than words, we ended up doing a photo session to try to capture my looks.
Thanks to
Andria Lo and Erica Jones (from Hyphen) who took this to the next level, who then introduced me to the photographer Patrick Gonzales Rafanan and his lovely assistant Lydia Ortiz, both from Soybaby. The make up artist on the shoot was Elaine Fujii who captured all the looks to go with the dreaded hairstyles, not an easy feat, I know. Also Thanks to Scott Klassen from Dekko salon who came along to help me with the hair, doing such a great job on our Taiwanese/Mall fringe look : )
It was an ultra fun shoot, I have never done a shoot where we needed to make sure everyone looked BAD.. quite hard I must say, difficult when your models put the bad wigs on and end up looking abit hip!! Not our idea, but we got there in the end..
Thanks to all our models from the shoot for having such a great sense of humor an allowing us to make them look bad and foolish, such great sports, so thumbs up to you all : )
Seanathan Chow, Ga Wa, Mary Ann Lumba and Tamera Enriguez.
Enjoy afew backstage shots from the day. The actual article is due out mid December so I cant wait.. Woo Hoo!

Patrick and Lydia setting up, Seanathan who did double duties:

Elaine and Scott at work with Mary Ann:

Before’s and After’s – Ga Wa and Tamera:

New York Fashion Week…

Hey, I never did remember to show you the final choices and picks from the photo shoot we did to promote my Texture Powder Styler did I?

Been so busy promoting it and getting some fab reviews and stuff that I totally forgot! ‘Texture ‘Powder Styler got into the New York Fashion Week Goody bags this week!!! Now howzat for starters : )

The IFB (International Fashion Bloggers) held some conferences this week, so my products were featured in the bags at this event, so lets hope these bloggers give me some post space : )

Meanwhile here’s my final pictures, (one showing the design used for postcards to go with my products) Thanks to:
Claudia Ward for all the photography. Mark Gartland for the design work of the cards and ads. Brande for the make-up. Jodi for the wardrobe and of course Livia and Kerina for modeling.

And here’s one of my actual products..

Texture both colors

Another Product Write up/Review : )

I am so pleased to share another review/write up on my Texture Powder Styler with you all. I cannot thank Sonja Shin Hodgkins enough for her 2nd write up on me and giving me such a wonderful one too : )

Here’s the review for The Examiner San Francisco, where Sonja writes for the Health and Wellness section of the publication.

And here is the version for her own Beauty Blog (Hello Beauty) where you can check out her latest reviews/stories/info/recommendations and teach-ins for make up and beauty.

Pictures by Sonja…

My First Product Review…

I have been so happy with the way things have been going with my first product – the Texture Powder Styler, so you can imagine just how delighted I was when it was featured recently on the a great beauty website with more than 17million shoppers –TheFind.com
And then to top it off, it was also repeated in 3 other Beauty blogs –
TheBagSnob.com, TheBeautySnob.com and CoutureSnob.com

So I’d like to say a BIG thanks to
Stephanie Wong, Community Marketing Manager and Beauty Editor of TheFind for her great write up.Stephanie also writes for TheFindUK and was founder of an online magazine StyleMaven.com

To read my full review
JuJuChan Texture Powder Styler.


Sorry this page ended up looking like one big advert : )

One of the Best Haircuts I’ve Ever Had…

Well, I have to take advantage of this and blow my own trumpet by sharing with you a couple of articles that were written about me and Dekko Salon recently. The articles were written by Sonja Shin Hodgkins who not only writes her own beauty blog which includes making beauty ‘how to’ videos, but she also writes for the Examiner Beauty and Wellness section.

So here’s a link to both of them:
From The Examiner
Sonja’s Beauty Blog – Hello Beauty

Enjoy them! Thank You so much to Sonja for writing such a fabulous article, I couldnt have asked for more!!