Hair Question:

Question by Bonnie:

I’d desperately love your advice on something. I have really really thin hair, and really really less hair. My hair is constantly flat and limp, so basically it just looks like a thin layer of black on top of my head. I’ve done everything I could to give my poor locks a little bit of oomph, and nothing seems to work. I was wondering if you thought a body wave could maybe give some volume to my hair. I’m a little weary of chemical treatments though because I’m afraid it may cause me to lose more hair, and really, every strand is precious to me. My hair right now just about skims my shoulders because I’ve been growing it out. I usually go with short cuts to give my hair some volume, but i thought maybe this time I’d try a body wave. Are those usually successful on Asian hair? how long do the last? Is this a good idea at all?

Answer by Jules:

After taking a look at your photo to help determine the thinness of your hair, One of the first things I would try for your hair is to have a good layered haircut,( if you haven’t already) medium length layers so that it gives it as much body as possible, it would help even more if you had the front part of your hair cut into some kind of longer sweepy look, this would help to define the hairstyle so it doesn’t feel like its just hanging. Next I would try 2 very good products for fine hair, both are made by Prive – (you may have already done this step but I have to add it) Weightless Amplifier being one, applied to wet hair and blow dried in to give body, and secondly their Texture Spray, fantastic for giving body to fine hair and most of our clients cannot live without this one. Not sticky like a hairspray, just enough to make it stand away from your roots. If these step have already been tried and your still thinking about a perm then here are some considerations for you:

  • Do you mind changing the texture of your hair? From straight to slight movement?
  • Do you mind losing some shine in your hair? Not becos of the perm but becos once hair has movement in it, the light diffuses it in a different way, I wrote about this in one of my blog posts
  • Do you want a slightly messier look for a change? Becos it will automatically look messier because of movement.
  • Are you ready to treat the hair in a different way? As in no combing or brushing it while it is dry as it will make it fluff or frizz, you must leave the hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser. Unless your really good with your blowdrys then the hair can be left abit fluffy and frizzy looking if your trying to blow dry it straight.

If you think you can handle all of the above changes then yes, a perm (soft one) can work well especially if you want a different look. Perms can look great if done well. Asian hair takes fast and well despite people thinking the opposite. My advice if you want to try one is to find a good trendy Asian stylist who does perms all the time, obviously if you went to Asia they would be easier to find but I would definitely stick to someone who has done lots of perms before, then they will know what rollers to use and how long to leave it to achieve the look you want. You could even get them to leave the top straighter and get the body from half way down or take large sections with large rollers. Look for pictures of movements and wave that you like and take them with you. Just remember the looser the wave the less time it will last. If you normally have short hair anyway I know your not too attached to long hair, I think its a nice change, but try to do it when your hair is a little longer due to shrinkage and don’t forget perms drop after the first week, so the first week should be abit firmer.

And last but not least, Perms don’t normally cause hair loss, but they can cause hair breakage if left on too long or if the solution is too strong.

Here’s an example I came across that I think is sweet:

Light perm

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My Perms…

Now we’ve all been through some perms in our lifetime and if you haven’t your either VERY young or your lucky enough to have had natural curls!

I have certainly had my fair share of perms, especially being an experimental hairdresser In my ‘hey days’, we Asians could not live without them, and being raised in the UK, we were lucky if we didn’t get our hair fried off! Most of the hairdressers think of our hair types as coarse, thick and hard to wave, so they used the smallest rollers, the strongest lotions and left them on for maximum times!! Wrong! – even though we do have thick hair, it was amazingly easy to perm, so even the tiniest amount of wave was enough to show some movement.

But there again we all have aunts and grandmothers or even mothers who insist on having the smallest rollers to perm their hair as tight as possible to make it last longer and to make the most of their money!! Unfortunately all this did was make them look like they had an explosion on top of their heads and make the hair look thinner as the hair stood out from the head, showing scalp!

Perms have been off the scene for a long time now, but personally I still like them on certain occasions,(to add movement and funkiness) I tend to recommend my clients go to Asian hairdressers to do them becos they are so much more experienced (becos they have still continued with them) or to have it done in Asia when they are there, to try out the latest techniques.

One day maybe they will become popular again here but hopefully without the smelly lotions!

Anyway I felt the need to share with you my 70’s, 80’s an 90’s perms, even though I may regret putting some of these images out there but hey, what the hell!!

Here’s the 70’s:


And 90’s:

If you have any perms of your own you would like to share with me, please do so : )

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Brazilian Straightener by Lucky from Dekko

You’ve all heard about this new fabby treatment that’s available right? The Brazilian Straightener. Because of the technicality of it all I asked Lucky (top technician) from Dekko Salon to do the write up so you get an idea of what it is precisely:

Jules has been kindly nudging me to write about the Keratin Treatment, aka the Brazilian Straightener. So here is my share on information I have gathered and personal experience.

What Is It? The KT/BS is a demi-permanent keratin based relaxer that originated in Brazil over 10 years ago. Hence, the name. Demi-permanent means it doesn’t permanently change the hairs structure resulting in permanently straightened hair like the Japanese or Sodium Hydroxide based relaxers do. Nor does it work like an anti-curl semi permanent, which washes out completely and reverts back to it’s natural state,

So How Does It Work? The KT/BS surrounds natural hair bonds with conditioning keratin, which is then sealed into the hair with heat. It remains in the hair for approximately 4 months depending on how often the hair is washed. The more often the treatment is done, the straighter the hair gets and the texture is improved.

Who Would Benefit? Anyone who doesn’t love their natural texture. The KT/BS diminishes frizz. It will also straighten or minimalize curl depending on the amount of natural curl. It works on all hair types. Including highlighted, tinted, previously relaxed and bleached. Yes, bleached! The treatment is done, and in 24 hours completed at home with the provided shampoo and conditioner.

Who Would Not Benefit? Clients who are frequent swimmers or ocean dwellers. The chlorine and salt in the water will shorten the life of the treatment.

Is It Safe? The question arises from the use of masks during the treatment. The masks are used to minimalize the effects from the steam emitted when heat is applied to the treatment. One of the active ingredients in the KT/BS I use, Lasio, contains 0.02% cosmetic grade formalin. It is necessary to give the product longevity. Formalin is found in many cosmetic and household products such as: nail hardeners, shampoo and conditioners, medicines, carpets, vinyl, permanent press fabrics and many more. I nor my clients have never experienced any adverse reaction while giving this treatment.

Will post some before and after pics later on!