Hair by Dove Palmer Part 2

Update – If slideshow does not start, see hair pics here..

Here is my 2nd round of haircuts to show you from Dove Palmer, I have chosen another 10 fantastic looks for you to check out : )


Dove Palmer is Creative Director for Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy in London, UK. He also ran the Masters Academy for them too and has made 3 DVD step by step videos as well helped in contributing at least 12 haircut pictures for the Academy Photo collection. I came across Dove’s work on Facebook and instantly LOVED the exquisite work done by him. Funnily enough Dove turned out to have the same mentor as I did back in the day. Stacey Broughton (also from Sassoons) has been his mentor since he went to work for Sassoon’s. I definitely spotted the Stacey traits in the haircuts.



Hit or Miss??

Hit or Miss 4

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it………

Oooo, sorry Mr. but this is one is a huge ‘Miss’ to me I’m afraid!! Just about everything is a No No. The frizzy perm on top of the blow dried into place bottom section, framing the face and looking overly feminine just does nothing for suitability. The shape is way too round, and then there’s the color..Yuck!

Hit or Miss?

Hit or Miss 3
Hhmmmm, combination of a guy perm, mullet and asymmetric style?? (Oh, and lets not forget the ‘tash’) What do you all think?
I’m sort of sitting on the fence on this one, mainly because I see he’s tried very hard to be different and to stand out from the crowd, which I have to give him credit for, and even with all the combinations of potential disaster, he doesn’t look TOO bad!!

Hong Kong Hair..

I was flicking through some websites and magazines the other day and came across some fairly cool looking hair from Hong Kong. Movie stars and their hair in Hong Kong can be abit hit and miss, in my opinion, I feel that some go so overboard that it can look abit ‘tacky’ and ‘dodgy’, completely missing the mark of ‘naturally cool’ as shown in my post about Aaron Kwok : (
Anyway, I thought I would share them with you…

Above we have Bobo (top) Faye Wong (left) who I think always gets it right, and Du Juan (right, for Lane Crawford)

Next up is: Josie Ho, Joey Yung and Kate Tsui, all showing some nice haircuts off.

And finally we have Hu Jing (top), Leila Tong-Ling (left) and Maggie Sui (right)

My Pick ~ Keith Carpenter

OK, so here’s my pick of the day…
My Pick 8bI love this although we all know its a catwalk/stage look, I mean if I went on Bart or Muni with my hair like this I’m sure I’d be getting quite a few stares as well as a few larfs, but nevertheless, I still love it for its shape and volume, and of course, you know me with my love of big curly (yes, even frizzy hair).
The hair was done by Keith Carpenter for an issue of the Marie Claire Magazine. Thanks Keith for your creativity.
This look can be achieved either by combing/picking out naturally curly hair to achieve the height and width, or the hair can be set first either on very small rollers or pipe cleaners, and then picked out or combed out for the required look.

Difference in Straightener’s…

OK, so whats the difference between the Japanese Straight Perm and the Brazilian Straightener ?(Note: not to be confused with the Brazilian Blowouts) Alot of people have been wondering, so here are the most basic points for consideration…

  • Japanese is permanent and will grow out, Brazilian last about 3-4 months and reverts back slowly.
  • Japanese result is poker-straight and flat, Brazilian’s can keep waves and body in the hair.
  • Japanese gets the best results done on healthier hair and is not advisable for light blonde hair, Brazilian can be done on damaged porous hair, even ultra light blondes.
  • Japanese is more expensive because it usually takes longer, between 4 and 6 hours, whereas the Brazilian can be done in 2 to 3hours.
  • You will see a re-growth with the Japanese because the structure will have been changed, whereas the Brazilian will slowly revert back to its normal texture and there is no permanent change.
  • Japanese will allow any type of shampoo to be used with it once done, although a special conditioner is recommended, the Brazilian needs sulphate free shampoos to make the treatment last longer, any salt (ocean water) will reduce the life of the treatment.
  • When freshly done, both the Japanese and the Brazilian advises you not to tie your hair up or tuck it behind your ears for 48 hours.

Japanese Straight Perms….

I know, there are so many straighteners, straight perms, relaxers etc on the market I want to make sure I cover them all.. I will write a future post on the differences between this Japanese Straight Perm and the Brazilian Straightener but for now I enlisted the help of Jodi Ninomiya, one of Dekko’s top- notch technician to help explain the technical side of what its all about…..

Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning, is a method of permanently straightening hair. The iSTRAIGHT system which we use at Dekko, utilizes 3 strengths of solutions to meet the needs of each individual’s hair texture and condition. The hair is treated with a soy based relaxer which is rinsed out after a 10-25 minute processing period. The hair is then blown dry, flat ironed, and neutralized for 5-10 minutes. The iSTRAIGHT formulas use negative ions to relax and positive ions to neutralize and, at the same time, keep hair healthy and vibrant. Ingredients include Ceramide, a natural resource, that is part of you intercellular bonds which aids preventing cuticle damage and keeps the hair healthy from the inside out.

Thanks Jodi…..
Here are some samples of the Japanese Straight Perm:

So, who would benefit from this?
People with coarse frizzy hair, People who spend alot of time blow drying their hair and finishing with a flat iron, People who love their hair very straight and flat,
How long does it take:
This process depending on how long and thick the hair is can take anywhere from 4 to 6hours, so be prepared for alot of sitting around.
How long does it last?
Once the hair has been straightened in this way, it stays straight for good, the hair will not go back to its original state, therefore the re-touch is only necessary or the roots. so if your is hair is not too curly/way, the re-growth is not so obvious and you could go up to a yea without redoing it, but it your hair is very curly and stands out when it grows out then it is advisable to have it done between 5 – 6 months also depending on how fast your hair grows.

Here is a photo showing the re-growth from the Japanese Straight Perm..


Modern Curly Perm….Maria

Here we have another perm done by Jodi Ninomiya from Dekko Salon, this time we have a much curlier look.
Maria came in with wavy-ish hair, and wanted to have a change of texture. After the consultation, both Maria and Jodi decided that a much curlier spiral look would be better than a soft perm as Marias hair is quite heavy and thick. I would like to add that personally i think Maria looked so good with both hair textures because she wears her hair well with her style of clothing and confidence that Jodi had her job made abit easier because of this factor…
Here’s Maria before the perm..

As mentioned Maria has wavy hair already, her front area was a little bit too short to perm so Jodi wove it out to blend with the parts that would be permed. The perm solution that Jodi used was by Goldwell – Definition for Normal Hair. She used 2 different rods, white and orange colored and it was left to process for 20 mins. The perm rods were positioned in a downward spiral.

As we all know with curly hair, it is so important not to disturb the curls while it is drying, this will ensure you have a definite prominent head of non-frizzy curls. Use a curling cream of some kind and either use a diffuser or leave it to air-dry, the diffuser usually gives abit more lift.

She looks great doesn’t she? Well done Jodi and thanks to Maria for letting me post her looks to share with you all.

The Brazilian Jill

I wanted to update you with the latest product that we are using in Dekko Salon, (Thanks to Jill Tucci, one of Dekko’s fab stylist/technician for her big help in writing this article)

Brazilian Blowout is the name of the ‘keratin conditioning treatment’, (not to be confused with the Brazilian Straighteners that usually contains 2 –4% formaldehyde). This is a fantastic new treatment that is safe for all hair types and has become sooo popular I didnt want you to miss out on the news…

The BB not only smoothes, softens and de-frizzes the hair, it also adds alot of shine. It does not completely straighten the hair, it relaxes the wave/curls on curly hair , and it leaves you with volume and body on straighter hair. It is classed as a blow drying aid, which helps to speed up drying time. So with this treatment, you can either air dry your hair which will leave the hair wavy/curly minus the frizz OR because this treatment is heat activated, if you do blow dry your hair, you can do so usually without a brush in a fraction of the time it usually takes you and you can have straighter smother hair faster!
Once complete you can go about with your usual routine, tying your hair up, tucking them behind your ears and washing it immediately. It is recommended that you use a the BB’s own sulphate-free shampoo/conditioner and treatments to help extend the life of the BB, any salts such as ocean water will revert it back quicker.
Another great thing worth noting about the BB is that the technician has control over how straight or wavy the client would like the hair to be. This is obviously discussed in the consultation and by varying the tension and strokes used with the flat irons, hair can be left wavy or curly but eliminating the frizz only. The process still takes up to 2 to 3 hours(altho on finer hair 90mins is possible) depending on the hair thickness and needs and will last from 8 (on virgin hair) to 12 weeks before the frizz slowly comes back in.
It should also be noted that the more damaged your hair is, the more noticeable the results, this is completely safe to use on brittle damaged hair, in fact with colored hair it improves the health of the hair and by sealing the cuticle. The more you have the BB treatment the healthier the hair will be and the longer your results will last! WOW! What more can you ask for?
Dekko has been doing so many treatments and so far 100% of the clients have been happy. We decided everyone should be able to try it at least once to see, so the technicians at Dekko salon are giving $100 off your treatment for the next couple of month!!! (April May 2010) Woo Hoo!
Thanks to Jodi for posing with her BB:

Soft Perms..

I seem to be talking alot about perms lately, but that’s because we have been seeing an influx of them coming into our salon (Dekko)

Baya came into Dekko to see Jodi Ninomiya about a soft perm, we all know that perms can be disastrous under the wrong technician but I wanted to share this with you to show you how a good perm should look, especially on Asian hair where it can become TOO curly.

This is Baya before the perm, sorry that the photo is abit dark but you can make out that the hair is pretty flat and fairly straight apart from the curled ends:

Snapshot 2009-12-16 23-25-04The rods that Jodi decided to use were large and medium mixed. The perm solution was Definition by Goldwell, it was for Normal Hair and it was left to process for 25 minutes.

DSC00243Once complete the hair is dried using a diffuser so that the curls are not disturbed, if disturbed too much, it can cause the hair to look frizzy as I talked about in my post about curly hair.


The end result came out great, just enough movement and body without looking too fake or artificial. Well done Jodi and thanks to Baya for posing for this post.