Different Types of Layers…

Have you ever wondered what type of layers to ask for when you go to the hairdressers?
Here are some ideas and facts to think about before you decide.
There are not very many combinations to think about when talking about layers. There are afew variation of things like – thickness, length, fringe, and messiness.These range from long heavy layers, medium length layers with heavy bottom, lighter short layers with wispy edges, rocker edgy very short layers with wispy ends or ultra funky disconnected layers.
Each one can then be combined with either a long fringe, sweepy fringe, blunt, soft, shorter fringe, or even chunky funky very short fringe.
From there you would need to decide whether to have blunter ends (cut with scissors) or wispy ends (cut with a razor) From these few options you can safely decide which one is more suitable for your needs.

Long Heavy layers (as seen on Angelina above)– this one is good for people who like their hair to look abit neater, the heavier layers are good for keeping waves weighed down, therefore the blow dry stays longer and hair stays in place longer.

This one is also showing long layers but done on shorter hair but again notice how the hair is neater looking because the weight of the layers weigh the hair down. Both were cut with scissors.

On Jocelyn (above) the layers are taken shorter but still quite controlled and heavy, still cut with scissors but this time the layers are chopped into abit to show more wispiness towards the ends. Jocelyn’s layers were combined with a longer side swept fringe.

Here we have a combination of a long fringe and short layers, cut with the razor to bring out the waves as much as possible, this is ideal for people who prefer their hair to look messier, hence all the weight taken out and the wispy edges.

Lastly, here’s Livia cut by Joni, with her razored short rocker layers, hair is made more extreme by taking the top layers very short, this is for the ones who love alot of texture and enjoy their hair standing out more from the crowd.
So hopefully, armed with these facts and ideas you will be able to go into a salon and describe your dream layers more.

Non Stripping Shampoos..

WEN – Cleansing Conditioners

This line of products was developed by Chaz Dean, who specializes in color in LA, he developed them without any harsh chemicals which normally leave the hair looking lifeless and limp.

I’m recommending this line as I had just posted an article about not shampooing hair and just using conditioner, this line of products are based on this whole idea.

I have tried this product and have found it to leave the hair with a great texture. I tried a couple of the different types, one being perfect and the other being a little on the heavy side. So the secret is to find the one most suitable for you. They even have a trial package of all of the different types which is great so you can try them all out before deciding.

WEN 2Wen’s line of cleansing conditioners…..

Hair Facts…No Shampoo?

Not Shampooing Hair…..

Did you know that if you stop shampooing your hair and just either wet it or simply use conditioner, it will eventually ‘self cleanse’, the smell with go away and you will be left with non frizzy, healthy textured hair?

This works particularly well with textured hair, whether wavy or curly. Shampoo takes away natural oils and therefore leave the hair slightly frizzy. By using only conditioner or water, this helps keep the hair ‘together’ eliminating frizz.

So, if you can handle the itchy, smelly initial 2 weeks,(without losing your friends) then congratulations for having great hair.

Hair 8-ft Long

Here’s an interesting article I found in a UK newspaper (Mail Online)………

Quote –‘As every woman knows, a bad hair day can pretty much ruin your entire mood. But for Cheng Shiquin, they must be devastating. Shiquin owns a beauty parlour – but somehow manged to avoid a haircut for the last 16 years. She was pictured showing off her hair – which is 8 feet long – in south west China’s Chongqing municipality this week. It take 2 hours to wash her hair and another hour to comb it.’


Despite the extreme lengths Shiquin has gone to in order to achieve her long locks, she does not hold the record for the world’s longest hair. That title belongs to another Chinese woman – XieQiuping. Her hair is a mind-boggling 10 feet longer than Shiquin’s, measuring 18.5ft in 2004. She began growing it in 1973 at the age of 13.’


Here’s my very own measly 3.5 feet of hair in comparison to Shiquin ……

Read full article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1166716/Pictured-The-woman-hair-EIGHT-FEET-long-despite-owning-beauty-parlour.html

Cool Mops of the Week

Heres some good looking hair around town,
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Hair Donations

Growing out your hair, for a good cause is becoming more and more favoured by many people. Donating your hair to make wigs for cancer victims as well as other medical conditions that causes hair loss is one of the most personally satisfying and rewarding things that you could do with your hair.

Afew weeks ago, Emily Wang came into our salon and did just that, She had been growing her hair out for the past year so that she could make a donation to an organisation called LOCKS OF LOVE http://www.locksoflove.com/

Emily with her long locks before she came in for the big chop

Now before you all go running out to make your donations, its a good idea to do your homework first as there are some rules to hair donating….

Most of the organisations require you to have between 8 – 12 inches of hair, with some charities, colored (tinted) hair is acceptable but no bleach, perms or highlighted hair.

Here’s Emily holding her 10inches of hair.

Some organisations will not even accept grey hair. The reason why grey, permed, highlighted and bleached hair is not accepted is because these charities try to make their wigs as realistic as possible and need the hair to absorb color evenly and consistently, when the hair has been processed or not processed at all (as in grey hair) the color consistency is not even enough to achieve this look. Chemically processed hair is also too porous to hold the dyes used in the process and leads to fading in the wigs.

Finished style!!

Some more hints for hair donations: Make sure you grow enough hair to cut it to your desired length as well as the 8 – 12 inches. If you don’t plan on having your finished result too short then please allow enough hair in between for bounce, and shaping of hair. You need to allow your stylists some lee-way to make sure your leftover hair is long enough to shape into your desired haircut.
With layered hair, the shortest layer also needs to be the required length otherwise it cannot be used.

Here are some some of the more popular charities:

Locks of Love – 10-12″ needed, color OK, no bleach
Wigs for Kids – 12″ needed, no color, perms, highlights or grey
Pantene Beautiful Lengths – 8″ needed, no color or bleach
Childhood Leukemia Foundation – 12″ needed, no color, no grey

Above are just guidelines for the different charities, please do some research for yourself before choosing the one that is right for you.

Meanwhile, Thanks to Emily for her donation as well as allowing me write about it for my blog!


Stylists Tips:
To cut the hair for hair donations, try not to tie your hair into one big ponytail at the back, this will usually result in cutting off too much at the back (leaving a hole that’s difficult to work from afterwards)and not enough from the front.
Of course, depending on the length you want to go to after the haircut, this will help you decide how to take the donated hair off.
If you want short hair all over as a finished result, you could tie small ponytails all around the head and cut them off.
If you want a graduated bob shape (where it sits up and in at the back) then one ponytail at the back is OK to do. (But still not the best method)


If you want longer chin length hair, then you could either tie around 4 or 5 low ponytails around the base of the hairline area Or you can hold and cut pieces off at a time without scrunching the hair together too much and then pass the hair onto someone who can hold them altogether with the roots in the same direction until you have cut it all off and then the hair can be tied together.
If the hair is layered, ponytails throughout the head is tied up and cut off.
With all methods, please do not tie or hold the hair too tightly as the hair will bounce and jump up with the tension.