Hair Fact….

True or False?

By not washing the hair before a color, it helps the pigment to take better?


It does not make any difference to how the color reacts on clean or dirty hair, however, what it does help with is, if the scalp is dirty then this can act as a barrier and help stop your scalp from stinging with the chemicals.

Dekko’s Daily Grind- Stephanie

Punky in Pink:

Stephanie has been a client of mine for over 10 years and she’s one of those dream clients that is up for anything and is willing to try anything once, so over the years I have managed to have a lot of fun with all different types of haircuts.

One thing that has been consistent with Stephanie is her now signature pink hair, again varying from full head pink to slices of pink, expertly done by Jodi Ninomiya from Dekko.

Always one to stand out in a crowd, her only problem being trying to hide it when going into meetings or going to China!!

Here’s Stephanie with her overgrown locks…

We decided this time to get rid of the length at the back, bring the layers up so that she could get a lot more height and messiness. The hair was razored throughout to give a lot of texture, we kept the hair slightly asymmetric as it already was from a previous haircut. This time we decided to give her a more definite fuller fringe. Stephanie likes to play around with her hair and do allsorts with it, so we kept the shape abit more basic but defined this time so there was more hair to play with. We used a hell of a lot of combined products to give Stephanie her messiness!!

After haircut:

To see Stephanie’s fabulous creativity and other hair looks visit:

Oldie But Goodie

Roux – Fanci-Full:

My big surprise favorite product of the moment is the Roux -Fancifull Color Mousse.

For those of you who have been around awhile, this was the product that little old ladies used to use to give the blue, pink, purple rinses… punky grannies! It used to come in a hair setting lotion form and now comes in the form of a mousse.

DSC06370 touched up

I used it initially to tone my blonde streaky bits that turned too gold in the sun, but was so surprised to find this stuff actually gives the hair a great piecey texture and gives me quite abit of body too. Very easy to use becos you would towel dry, put some onto your hands and rub into the blonde parts and that’s it. Heres a pic of my hair the day after I slept on it.

DSC06354 crop

Notes on Highlights and Slices

Because there are so many different kinds of looks with colors, if you have a particular look in mind, take some pictures into the salon with you, as long as you are being realistic and know that yours will never be exactly the same as the picture it will give the technician an idea of what you like or dislike. Tell the stylist what you have in mind and in return they should also tell you what is possible and what is not. Don’t go in with absolutely no idea and clues (especially if its your first time) the stylist will end up spending alot of time just trying to get to know your likes and dislikes rather than spending the time talking about the more important things like color choice and method also know that if your going for a natural look, choosing a natural hair color as well as choosing a natural hair technique could result in it being TOO natural for your liking, be very precise about your choice and needs.

Cool Mops of the Week

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Becoming Blonde


They said it couldn’t be done.. going from jet black hair to blonde. Here’s Joni to show you how she did it with a little help from her colorist Jodi Ninomiya, 8 applications and a whole lot of patience!!

Starting with Jet Black hair….

to swampy colors….

Gone is the green, just a lovely shade of orange…

A lovely beige tone….

Finally… Blonde!!!!!


Just one more thing that is needed….. a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude, because no matter how carefully its done, some of your hair WILL fall out, but hey who said beauty doesn’t come with some loss!!!


Stylists tips:

When considering bleaching your hair, remember the more red you have in your hair, the harder it will be to lift, and when hair has had black or brown tints applied, it has to be stripped first, so make sure the hair is strong enough to handle all the chemicals before you start. Even stripping of the hair first will not guarantee an even end result. Also if you don’t want a yellow/orangey tone to your hair, don’t forget to tone, toners are very important after bleaching to give you a more pleasing result, please consult your colorist before trying it, it will result in alot less heartache.