Renovo ~ Biotin Hairline Enhancer

Here’s a little video I made  recently. I’m not a pro with videos but I’ve been practicing and getting better. This one is for my latest product Renovo which launched a month ago and has been doing really well. These ‘before and after’ pictures of my clients are not photoshopped,  I took them myself and they have been put together over a period of 3 – 4 months,  these results are  all real. Check it out!

Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Waves

Jeanette came in with a one length bob and we decided it was time for a change and to take it short. Hair was cut using the razor, the back and one side were taken quite short while keeping the length and weight on the other. Her natural movement just automatically fell into finger waves so we just encouraged them by pushing them in and using Davines strong hold cream gel to keep them in place. Thanks to Jeanette x


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Introducing ‘Bounce’ My new Curl Cream!

It’s finally here!! My curl cream is now selling @dekkosalon but soon to be here on my blog. If you’ve been looking for a curl cream that not only has shine but hold as well, then this is the cream for you. After a year of development, we finally created it to hold even the coarsest wavy hair in place ie. mine.

This product is a reliable curl cream with enough hold for day 2 or 3, I’m so proud to be able to share it with you all..

A huge shout out to Randi Hoffman for being my very first Bounce customer ‪:)

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Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Emily

Sweet Emily has been a client of Dekko’s/mine since she was in her teens, back then she had long crazy thick hair that hung down her back. During the past 10 years, we’ve been changing her up with different looks, long layers, rocker layers, all types of fringes and lots of fun stuff with colors too.

This hairstyle was by far the most drastic change Emily had, we decided to go with a very loose razored organic look, working with the movement that was already in her hair. The haircut was done quite freely, and kept very unstructured, working the shape n  as the hair was drying. What we ended up with was this cute flippy textured asymmetrical look that needed no work put into it.

Here’s a picture of Emily before the haircut:

Thanks Emily for posing for us, we had fun.


And here are some different views of Emily’s finished haircut:





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Men’s Stuff!

Cool stark strong images for men’s hair by Lucas Dowling. Photo’s taken by Nicole Corbett. Photos from Hairdresser’s Journal UK.

Excerpt from Behind The Chair:

‘Lucas Dowling of Mieka Hairdressing in Australia took home the win for the 2013 Australian Hair Fashion Awards Men’s Hairdresser of the Year, continuing Mieka Hairdressing’s record as one of Australia’s most highly-awarded salons.

The inspiration for Lucas’s collection comes from the “Teddy Boy”—a British sub-culture of the 1950s. Dandy represents the style of the “dandies” from the Edwardian period; they inspired the “Teds” and fueled the style of American rock ‘n’ roll since its birth in the ’50s. The hair adopts a progressive masculine feel including precision barbering, heavy fringes through to natural curls and quiffs, which are embellished by textured and smooth finishes.’







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Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Daniela

I’ve known this crazy lovely mad cow for over 10 years and have had the pleasure in not only working with her but to

continue to have her in my life. Daniela used to work with us back in the Architect and Heroes days but has since gone onto being an actress, student and a perpetual mover!

Daniela grew her hair out and I mean ‘grew it out’, we hadn’t seen her for years and she came into Dekko Salon looking like Chrystal Gayle.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

The first time we cut Daniela’s hair off we went for a messy bob, chin length. We wanted it so that she could wear it both messy and neater. Razored off through the ends with a lot of weight taken off, here’s Daniela’s first hairchop..


photo 1 copy

photo 1 copy 2

photo 2 copy 2photo 4 copy 2

So anyway, 6months later Daniela came back in and we decided to go even shorter and to make it abit looser, funkier and more fun. Again we used the razor and shaped the back into the neck, made one side slightly shorter and left the longer look through the other side. It was so much fun, Thanks Luv’ for a fun time..

Such a photogenic girl! By the way excuse the wonky pictures on this one, just couldn’t get it straight : \






Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Meng

Some lovely curly hairstyles going on in Dekko Salon. Showcasing some variations on curls and lengths on our lovely client Meng.

Meng had a short pixie along the way and is now growing her hair out, we have been keeping track of her grow out stages, through the bob with graduation down to the ‘shag’ look. With Meng’s natural curls, her hair is best styled with Moroccan Oil curl crème twisted and diffused for a curlier look.

Diptic copy


Getting there with my Curl Cream..

After months and months of testing and researching, I am finally steps away from making a fabulous curl cream for all you curly haired people. ‪#‎holdwithshine‬ ‪#‎jujuchanproducts‬ ‪#‎product‬#2 ‪#‎peopleloveit‬ ‪#‎hairproducts‬ ‪#‎babysteps


I can’t say its been easy, I have come close quite afew times, but it seemed that if I had plenty of shine,there was no hold,then when I got the hold there was no shine! Finally after working with my manufacturers for soo long, I’m happy with this formula and I’m on my way to finishing up with the packaging.

Here’s 2 of my main testers Tiffany and Violet, who also happen to be part of our loyal staff at Dekko. Both looked so great using my BOUNCE curl cream that I had to take a picture of them, Thanks to all others  who helped me test and test again.

Watch this space, updates coming soon…

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.00.15 AM