Beach Hair..

Davines Sea Salt Primer
Sea salt Spray 2
One of the newer Davines products available, although its amazing how fast this company is churning out new great products. This one reminded me of the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, very similar in texture and type, although I did find the Davines (above) to be less ‘matte’ looking once on. I love the way the hair looks with these surfey, beachy products but what I wasnt keen on was the way it felt, very ‘chalky’ and dry. With this Sea Salt Primer, it feels just abit better than others I have used and it instantly gives clumpy chunky beachy hair : )

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  1. Best to google Davines Hair Products and you should be able to find a salon near you that carries the line. Or contact Davines direct and they will point you in the right direction
    If all else fails, you could call us at Dekko Salon and if you dont mind shipping charges on top we can ship one out to you. Salon # is 415-285-8848. Tell them Jules OK'd it.
    Good luck.

  2. Yes, in fact it works best on clean conditioned hair, as sometimes when the hair is clean and conditioned, it can be very shiny yet slippy, so almost TOO clean looking. This spray will make the hair piecy-er, therefore looking like youve spent the day at the beach.
    Good question Anonymous, hope you get this answer as I cannot let you know directly.

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