Asian Afro Hair…

You all know by now that I have a thing about curly hair, especially tight curls but here are some examples to show Asian Afro hair that some of you may or may not like so much (matter of opinion, I guess)


(Personally I like the girls above, she looks very hip and suits her face shape and of course age, cant say I feel the same about the boy tho’)

But now here’s someone who ALWAYS looks good with her Asian Afro (this might have something to do with the fact that’s she’s a goddess no matter what) MAGGIE CHEUNG MAN YUK
Maggie has mostly had afro textured hair whenever I see her with shorter hair, and I personally have had the honor of styling it and making it look as silky and normal as I could for a commercial (not the easiest of styling jobs, I must add)( I will show you in a separate post about my job) but she somehow manages to make Asian Afros look cool, hip and extremely beautiful regardless of age! Here she is in a scene from her movie ‘Clean’.