Alexa Chung in San Francisco ..

For those of you who don’t know who Alexa is, I should introduce her first as MTV presenter, Presenter of Award Shows, Model, Fashion Icon, and now designer with Madewell for her own line. Alexa has been a clothing and hair icon of mine for quite a number of years now and for those who follow my blog, know that I have written afew articles on her.

Anyway, I found out that she was going to be in San Francisco at the launch of her own line for Madewell and figured I really should try and go to this event and see if there would be an opportunity to give her one of my Texture hair product. I ended up shuffling my schedule around at work and got my partner in crime Claudia to come along with me.


We arrived to find the longest Q to actually get into the shop! We joined that line and stood around with all the young chickies that were all dressed like mini Alexa’s! I have to admit it was quite disturbing for us to be two of the oldest fans in line!!! But hey ho, all in the name of business. Luckily we were in the store in under half an hour.

I have to say I did not even really look at the clothes due to all the people in there, but Claudia and I managed to easily spot the Jammie Dodgers (biscuits from the UK) as well as mini Crunchies (Yumm)

Some pics from the event:

Anyway, after standing around feeling awkward and stalker-like for a while, ( Oh and I have to add that Alexa was gorgeous and looked so stylish, as usual, and she wore a pair of cute boots from her collection 😉 Claudia and I knew we would have to be forceful to get past all these young girls patiently waiting for their photos and autographs. It took us about 20mins to find that one second break when no one else was stepping forward and off we went.

Not only did we get our little chat with Alexa, but we got a fan-picture (well, I did anyway, Thanks to Claud for opting to be photographer instead) and I managed to gift her with my Texture Powder Styler, and to top it off was even more delighted when she was so happy to receive it : )

All in all, we felt good that our Mission was accomplished and we did what we set out to do even though it gave us palpitations to become a stalker for a night! So now I’ll have to go back sometime to do the serious shopping part!

Here’s my fan picture..


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