A Good Hairspray..

Crystal Fixative Lacquer #7 by Davines:

Davines hairspray

Nowadays I don’t tend to use Hairsprays much, I’m not too keen on the stiff looks it gives to hairstyles and I don’t like it when hair doesn’t move much. The only time I use them on clients is when the hair is very fine or its really strong weather outside and the style needs to keep well.

So if I had to choose one that I do like right now its the Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer. I know I seem to pick alot of Davines products as my favorite but this Italian Company seems to have got quite alot of styling products just right, there’s alot to choose from so you really have to sift through them but once you find the good ones, they really are good. This hairspray is soft to medium hold, doesn’t leave the hair looking lacquered and brushes out easy without leaving white bits behind in the hair.

When using hairsprays and other texture sprays, lift the hair up for best effect, don’t just spray on top of the hair, it will leave it looking abit stiff whereas if you spray underneath, this will give longer support and hold for the heavier layers.